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  1. Fat Tire Bicycle FAT TIRE CRUISER BIKE   These fat tire bikes have become quite popular and are used mostly for off-road riding. They might work well with beach riding - i mean like on the sand. These bikes use a special size tire & inner tube for all adult size bikes (26in x 4in all-terrain knobby tires) which is available on Amazon. Picture on the right is of a "Mongoose 20 Inch All Terrain Fat Tire Bicycle". 20in x 4in Tires & Tubes available by clicking HERE.

    ►These 26in fat tire men's Cruiser Bikes with Fat Tires (26in x 4in all-terrain knobby tires) are an agile, resilient bike that can be ridden easily on a wide variety of terrain. Due to their over-sized tires, they have more stability and traction. Their cruiser geometry adds a comfortable and athletic riding position. These Fat Tire Mountain Bikes feature an extra strong kickstand, low rise ATB handlebars, and a padded seat for comfort and stability.◄
  2. Fat Woody Electric Bicycle FAT WOODY   (6 Dec 16) Here is a real beauty for you. This business offers an electric powered beautifully detailed beach cruiser bicycle in the old surfer panel truck or van called a "Woody" motif. This business is based in "Minneapolis, Minnesota". Their website is very good and has all the information you will need to make a selection of their different models.

    ►Inspired by the woody "beach cruiser" hotrods of the 1950's, fat woody merges old school "cool" with high-tech electric bicycle technology. Hand-crafted with rich mahogany and white oak wood veneers, fat woody e-cruisers are a "piece of art" on wheels. At its core, fat woody is a single speed bicycle featuring "fat tires", which provide a softer spongey-like ride. Unlike a traditional bicycle, fat woody features a lightweight composite body. It's purposeful design provides luxury real estate for features typically not found on bicycles. Fat woody is a social cruiser designed to offer more than just a relaxing ride. Fat woody provides riders with a unique and entertaining experience. To start with, fat woody includes an on-board bluetooth sound system that surrounds you with stunning sound quality. An easily accessible cradle on the center console provides a perfect home for your smart phone, making it easy to adjust volume or change playlists. It even has a place for your favorite beverage and a cubby to store your stuff! With its fully integrated 2000w electric drive system, you can effortlessly and quickly zip across town quickly and then pedal down the boardwalk in comfort & style. Best of all, the fun doesn't need to end at dusk. Fat woody features full LED lighting for safe operation after dark. So, go ahead, take your lifestyle with you. Your purchase of this item represents a deposit on this specific e-cruiser. Selling price is $14,995.00. Final payment must be made within 7 days of purchase. This item is ready for immediate delivery once final payment has been received - plus state sales tax (if purchased in Minnesota). Free standard shipping** (within continental USA). Additional shipping all other areas. Fat Woody Cruisers are shipped on a transport carrier like a motorcycle. Final Payment - Personal Check / Cashier's Check / Cash / PayPal Gift. For more photos of this item, please visit our gallery.◄
  3. The Eagle Model Fat Tire Beach Cruiser Bicycle BIG VINTAGE BICYCLE   This is a relatively new bicycle business located in Phoenix, Arizona. The owner of this business is quite interesting in my opinion and has quite a story to tell about his development of his products. Be sure and read his "About Us" page. He has a very beautiful bicycle and you can buy online and they will ship your bike out to you. ►Once Upon A Time, I had the desire for a custom bike, but what was available out there was nothing like I really wanted. After a long search I decided if I really wanted a custom bike, I would just have to turn to my imagination. So I did what I have always done, just make one myself - what I really wanted.
    After riding it around at bicycle events and car shows, there became a huge interest in my bicycles. Presently there are six different models offered on bigvintagebicycle.com with two more in the design phase. Each model is offered first as a base model then with added options. In the last year I have taken and filled some orders for these individualized "Works of art" for customers across the country from Ex-Marines to national sports figures. The models are as follows: CONDOR, EAGLE, HAWK, RAVEN, EAGLE XL and the HAWK XL. BiG VinTage huge fat tire bicycles are addictive! The amount of attention these bring makes it so fun to ride in crowded places. The greatest feature is that these are custom built American steel frames according to your body size. You give me your leg inseam and arm measurement and this bike will fit you. Just ask 6ft-7in Vance Lovelace, VP for the LA Dodgers. This is not a one-size-fits-all Chinese, department store bike. I actively promote BiG VinTage Bicycle at the many car and bike shows as well as plan to show them in nearby Scottsdale Arizona, Las Vegas Nevada and the beaches in California on a regular basis. So away we go! Thanks, Richard◄
  4. Demon Cruiser DEMON CRUISERS   Here is a new beach cruiser bicycle line called "Demon Cruisers". They are based in Gilbert Arizona. They sell other brands, but they have their own beach cruiser bike line now also. Their custom "Demon Cruiser" consists of the following: An all aluminum frame/fork, 3 piece crank, threadless headset, 4 bolt BMX style stem, 26X3.0 Duro Beach Bum Tires. Their Demon Cruisers website is being built.

    ►We sell Quality Beach Cruisers. All our Beach Cruisers come with a limited lifetime warranty. We started selling beach cruiser bikes in 2011. What started out as a side business selling beach cruiser bicycles in a garage and at the local swap meet has become a full service beach cruiser shop. We only sell beach cruisers and beach cruiser accessories.
    Torker Wildflower Girl's Cruiser Bike
    We warranty the bikes we sell to the original owner as long as they own their beach cruiser. Why beach cruisers? Well, we noticed no one in the valley specialized in beach cruiser bikes. We wanted to cater to a small niche market and offer the best value for beach cruiser enthusiasts. While we don't carry all brands, we do carry a select few beach cruiser brands that offer great value. Most bike shops carry a limited supply of beach cruisers, the reason is low profit. Most bike shops sell in a large retail location which requires high profits to cover the rent, employees and overhead. We sell out of a small warehouse which keeps our overhead low. Our beach cruiser prices are typically 20% to 30% less than our competitors. Beach Cruisers are a great way to relax, get some exercise and enjoy riding. Beach cruisers offer a laid back ride suited more to comfort than speed. Most beach cruisers come in single, 3 speed and seven speed versions. We sell mostly the single speed beach cruiser, but can order beach cruisers with multiple speeds. Other beach cruiser bikes we sell are stretch & chopper style beach cruisers. We also sell beach cruiser accessories, tires, seats, grips, tubes and much more. Riding a beach cruiser is a great way to drop a few pounds too. While beach cruisers won't give you a vigorous workout they will give you a good cardio base. Riding a beach cruiser 10 to 12 miles will work off a few hundred calories, just enough to work off that chocolate cake desert. Riding beach cruisers to bars has recently become quite popular as well. Yes, you can still get a DUI while riding a beach cruiser, please ride safe!! There are many places in the valley to enjoy riding beach cruisers, canals, parks, downtown Tempe & Scottsdale to name a few. Please come check out our beach cruisers, we are sure you will enjoy our service, pricing and attitude. Please note, all sales are final.◄
  5. Critical Ladies Bike CRITICAL CYCLES WOMEN'S BEACH CRUISER   Here is a nice looking ladies bike which is available in: British Racing Green, Sand, Coral, Gunmetal, Light Blue, & Turquoise. On the date of this listing the price was: $169.99 & FREE SHIPPING within the continental US. There are 31 reviews for this bike as of the date of listing here. After you have received delivery of this bike, it is probably a good idea to take the bike to a bike shop for a complete tune-up to insure everything is in good working order.

    ►Critical Cycles wheels out their brand spankings' new beach cruiser. Hop on and ride happy with this classic bike style reminiscent of a simpler time. The brains at Critical Cycles put ease and comfort at the top of their priority list when designing this cruiser. The hand-built steel frame bestows upon its riders the smoothest of excursions, as it's much more absorbent than aluminum and our handlebars come up nice and high for an especially comfortable upright riding position, which is ultimately better for your back. Our lovely little lady comes in a mixte-style, making mounting and dismounting a walker, a ride in the park. The wide tires, cushy wide saddle and soft foam grips augment the easy breezy cruising you're about to do up and down the boardwalk and all around town. This single-speed comes complete with coaster brakes, which are essentially synonymous with cruisers. The simple mechanism allows you to control your movements with your feet, like it isn't no thing. Now, step away from your desk, close your eyes and breathe in bliss. You can see yourself on a Critical Cycles Beach Cruiser, can't you? We know.◄
  6. Critical Beach Cruiser CRITICAL CYCLES BEACH CRUISER   Here is a nice looking bike which is available in: Graphite/Orange, Neon Yellow Glow/Black, Matte Burnt Orange, Matte Black, Gunmetal, & Shadow Green. On the date of this listing the price was:
    $169.99 & FREE SHIPPING within the continental US. There are 35 reviews for this bike as of the date of listing here. After you have received delivery of this bike, it is probably a good idea to take the bike to a bike shop for a complete tune-up to insure everything is in good working order.

    ►Critical Cycles rolls out a re-envisioned beach cruiser. Its hand-built steel frame comes in a longboard style, boasting a classic but thicker top tube. This beefier look is sure to supplement your already prime mix of rugged and debonair. Whether your intentions with this bike are to use it and abuse it as a daily commuter (which you can totally do) or take it on leisurely strolls down the beach boardwalk (hopefully whispering sweet nothings into your darling's ear), you'll be doing so in style and comfort. Clad with wide 26in tires, a cushiony saddle and soft foam grips, & a kickstand your cycling trips will be so easy, you may forget your cycling altogether. The coaster brakes on this beach cruiser make stopping on a dime a cakewalk. The high handlebars allow you to ride in an upright position, which is better for your back. What are you waiting for? Get cruising.◄
  7. Firmstrong urban man beach cruiser bicycle FIRMSTRONG URBAN MAN BEACH CRUISER BICYCLE   Here is a nice looking men's bike which is available with 4 different configurations: 24in / 1-Speed, 26in / 1-Speed, 26in / 3-Speed, 26in / 7-Speed. Plus the following colors: Orange, Red, Black, Matte Black, Matte Grey, Royal Blue, Chrome, Emerald Green, Gloss Brown, Matte Army Green, Matte Blue, Matte Brown, & Matte Red. On the date of this listing the price was: $199.99 + $30.37 SHIPPING within the continental US. There are 111 reviews for this bike as of the date of listing here. After you have received delivery of this bike, it is probably a good idea to take the bike to a bike shop for a complete tune-up to insure everything is in good working order.

    ►Smooth Riding Simplicity from Firmstrong. Urban Man Single-Speed Cruiser Bike: Ideal for casual riding, the 26-inch, single-speed Urban Man cruiser bike is a great choice for many environments — by the beach, around town, or anywhere else on a paved path. The classic, curvy 19-inch steel cruiser frame is complemented by 26-inch aluminum wheels, which feature wide whitewall tires that roll smooth and easy as well as cushion the bumps as you ride over them freely. This single-speed Urban Man cruiser bike doesn't get any easier. There are no cables hanging off the bike or complicated gear systems. Whenever you need to stop, simply pedal backwards to ease on the coaster brake. Great for casual riding with friends, the Urban Man can maintain a consistent cruising speed from 5 to 15 MPH.◄
  8. Affordabike build-a-bike Brewster ModelAFFORDABIKE / BUILD-A-BIKE   These guys are putting together a real nice Build-A-Bike website for online purchase of a custom built low priced beach cruiser for public consumption. At the time of this entry they have 4 different frames types. Picture on the right is of their classic design called "The Brewster". The Brewster: With its big body and feathery weight, the Brewster is the frame of choice for riders 5 foot 7 and taller. The mildly stretched frame and foot forward design contribute to a riding stance that is similar to your natural seated position. Price shown in the picture is for the bike i built. The "Brewster" i have, has 36 spoke wheels, metal rims, 44T chainring (which i replaced with a 32T chain ring), 19T rear cog (which i replaced with a 23T rear cog). I also installed a set of Slime SmartTube super thick inner tubes.

    ►Bilda Bike is your brand of choice for custom made bicycles. Bilda Bikes have more custom options than any other custom bicycle manufacturer. Bilda Bikes are 100% assembled in the USA. This allows us to guarantee quality and ensure accuracy. There is no other manufacturer that offers custom built bicycles at such an affordable price. Bilda Bikes use KT hubs and KMC chains. You save money and do not make any sacrifice when it comes to quality. Thousands of Bilda Bikes have been sold to date. Read reviews of Affordabike (Bilda Bikes parent company) to hear about our excellent reputation for customer satisfaction. We keep all parts in stock in our Charleston, SC warehouse. All bikes are shipped within three days of order. We guarantee you a bike that suits your needs and your style at a price that doesn't obliterate your bank account!◄
  9. Villy CustomsVILLY CUSTOM   Brand new from the state of Texas, Villy Custom: "The King of Cruisers". Check out this very beautiful website featuring some really different & cool Beach Cruisers and take a look at their new line of bikes called the "Elite Edition". This is a "Design Your Own Cruiser" site ~ so check out the very cool possibilities you can create. Also, i need to mention that you can order these bikes online and have them shipped to your favorite address. Plus, you should know that they were just selected by Entrepreneur Magazine as one of the 100 Most Brilliant Business ideas of the year (June edition)!

    ►Villy Custom: Established in 2009, Villy Custom Luxury Fashion Bicycles are not available in bike stores. Every bike is a "Limited Edition" and their latest innovation is the "Elite Edition", which you can find on their website at www.villycustoms.com. You can also "design your own" on their website and see what it will look like prior to making your purchase. Each and every one of their bicycles is made to order and shipped from their facility in Dallas, Texas to your front door within a 2 to 3 week time frame. Unique features you can select from which bring more color and fashion into your bicycle include: Custom pin striping, hand-painted seats, powder coated handlebars, neck stems, seat hardware, fender braces and wheels (including powder coating on the spokes and hubs). You can also select from 36 colors of hand-made neck badges - standard or "bling" effect. Hubs are hand packed with loose bearings for a smoother ride. Villy Custom will be seen on Season 3 of ABC TV's Shark Tank. They also sell other lifestyle products, including: Tees, hoodies, key chains, necklaces and will soon be selling their own style of Shoes. Villy Custom's mission is to inspire fashion, fun, and uniqueness in all of their products and these bicycles really make a statement.◄
  10. RedRock Cycles MotorBicycles NorthwoodsRED ROCK CYCLES MOTORBICYCLES   For those of you who love Beach Cruiser bicycles and would also like to motorize yours for a little extra kick - take a look at this up-to-date business doing cool Beach Cruiser modifications. Purveyors of beautiful "Hand-Built" MotorBicycles.

    ►We are RedRock Cycles MotorBicycles. Your Central West Virginia Motorized Bicycle Specialist. Our Goal in these times of complex environmental change and constantly increasing gasoline prices, is to offer a low cost, fuel efficient, emissions responsible, fun means of alternative transportation. We start with a Hi-Ten Steel or 7006 Allux Aluminum bicycle frame consisting of at least 30% E-cycled parts and mounting the very latest EPA approved GEN II 49cc or 80cc 2-Stroke engine along with many upgrades including performance carburetors, spring-loaded chain tensioners, Alloy hub adapters and a wide selection of matching sprocket sizes. 'Ol Skool fatty tires, Alloy rims, available springer and triple-tree "Chopper" style forks, boost bottles, cruiser seats, EPA approved exhausts and much, much more.◄
  11. Lady's Beach Cruiser Bicycle KRUISER KING   This business features bikes for sale online, accessories, & bike rentals. I think they are based in San Diego, California. They specialize in beach cruiser bikes and have a large inventory plus parts.

    ►Thank you for visiting Kruiser King.com. Kruiser King sells over 3000 beach cruisers each year, making us one of the top retailers of beach cruisers in the country. Now more than ever, customers are asking us for a way to buy beach cruisers from home. With our new state of the art secure web site, customers can shop with the same confidence they have always enjoyed at our 2 retail stores in Mission Beach and Coronado. We are confident customers will enjoy all of our premium bicycle brands including Sun, Firmstrong, Fuji, Currie, Huntington Beach Bikes, and more. These bicycle brands represent some of the best beach cruisers manufactured and are available to you at a competitive price with a Kruiser King quality guarantee. In addition to selling beach cruisers, we are the number one bicycle rental store in San Diego, setting new standards in quality since we opened in 1998.◄
  12. SkullXBones Orange Cruiser SKULLXBONES   Actually, the cruiser bike featured here is a line of new bikes sold by Huntington Beach Bicycle Company. Picture on the right is of the skullxbones men's orange cruiser. They have a very nice website with lots of "Retro" type cruiser bikes.

    ►Huntington Beach Bicycle Company, Inc (HBBC) was formed to fill a void in the beach cruiser market. We grew tired of the spoon-fed designs our competitors were producing. People want a quality bike, with style and attitude, and they want it at a great price. This is exactly what we strive to produce. People want to be individuals. This is why we are constantly refining our product and always offering new limited edition colors. Customization is the name of the game and with our every growing PARTS DEPT™ line of quality components anything is possible. From wheels to seats, to forks to bars and decals, the possibilities are endless. Being unique is what this company was founded on and supplying our customers with a unique customizable product is what keeps us going. HBBC has been designing and manufacturing our custom designed beach cruisers under the SKULLXBONES™ mark since 2006. We have rapidly grown our SKULLXBONES™ brand through aggressive marketing, innovative designs and colorways, and the overall demand and quality of our products. In 2009, HBBC launched its OLD SKOOL® line of cruisers. Inspired by the designs and styles of the original beach cruisers and hot rod culture, OLD SKOOL® cruisers has channeled all of the "cool" from these genres. Offering a high quality product dripping with style, OLD SKOOL® cruisers are a perfect compliment to the SKULLXBONES™ line. You can purchase our products with the confidence of post-purchase support. Our bikes come with a five-year warranty on the frame and one-year warranty on all components. We can offer this because all of our specs are quality. This is why we provide free lifetime maintenance on purchases made at our retail store. If you are in the area, we encourage you to come and see all of our products first hand. Our products can be summed up in three words: Style, Quality, Value. We aren't some "old suits" trying to figure our what the customer will want next. We are the customer and we know what we want.◄
  13. Soul Beach Cruisers SOUL BEACH CRUISERS   Their factory direct outlet is based in Tempe, Arizona - Soul Beach Cruisers have a very beautiful website with great pictures of their product. As you can see in the picture at the right, they make really nice cruiser bikes. And for you lady riders they have a beautiful pink model and there are also lots of pictures of this pink bike - just click on the 2015 Ladies link. Soul Beach Cruisers now have their 2015 line-up of bikes available for sale on their website - so be sure and visit now! Latest Update! Check out the new "SOUL STOMPER" fat tire beach cruiser, pictured at right. ►Soul Halo custom beach cruisers are like none other. Beach bikes that are designed for extreme style and comfort. Our unique extended men's and women's beach cruiser frames feature hydro-formed fading matching top & bottom hexagon steel tubing with an 1-1/8in head tube and tear-drop seat post tube. One of a kind straight blade MTB style forks with 4 bolt BMX bar clamp gives our bikes an aggressive one off look and feel when riding. Topped off with our premium paint finishes, over-sized Drop Outs, Bottle Opener support gussets, XL Wide Platform Pedals, color matched Handle Bars, and imprinted Rad Soul logo's. Only Top Name Components Make It Onto A Soul. KMC Z chains - KT hubs - Aluminum Rims wrapped in Kenda tires - Stainless Steel Spokes - Locking Grips - Forged Steel Cranks - Gel Seats - Alum Quick Release Seat Clamps - Oversize rear frame tubing - Fresh new colors - Designed For Style.◄
  14. Men's Giordano Cosenza Beach Cruiser GIORDANO BIKES   Well, this is different even though you cannot tell by the pictures. You are probably aware of a mountain bike type called a "29er", that is a bike with 700c wheels/wide rims or 29in wheels. Well, this Beach Cruiser has 29in wheels. Sounds like a good idea. What a unique idea. Tires are probably easy to replace with this bike. Picture on the right is of their: "Men's Cosenza Beach Cruiser". They have a woman's version also. The Giordano Cosenza Beach Cruiser features a lightweight stylish aluminum frame and high quality aluminum & stainless steel components. Rolling on over-sized 29in wheels, the Cosenza will turn heads at the boardwalk or your local coffee shop. The bike consists of a Hand Crafted Aluminum Frame with Steel fork, Alloy 36 hole rims with Coaster Brake, Stem: Alloy Adjustable Quill Stem, Vitesse Comfort Cruiser Saddle, Beach Cruiser Style Handlebars, & 29er Smooth City Tread Tires.

    ►Taking inspiration from Italy's rich cycling history, Giordano is focused on providing enthusiast level bicycles and accessories with an unrivaled value statement. Our bicycles and related cycling accessories fuse tradition with the latest advancements in bicycle design and technology. At Giordano, our goal is to provide you with safe products that will serve your enthusiasm for cycling for many years to come. We use only the best materials in crafting our products to the highest quality standards; our products don't ship until we are confident they are safe enough for our own families. We welcome your feedback about our products. If you have something you'd like to share, Contact Giordano.◄
  15. Men's 26in Cruiser Bicycle SIKK INC   Nice pictures located here of their line of Cruiser Bicycles. Lots of good pictures, but not a lot of text information which is OK. If you want more information about their bikes, please feel free to use their contact page link (See Below). They have a really cool looking fat tire bike in their inventory also. Be sure to check it out. Update: They now have 3 and 7 speeds with disc brakes,

    ►Sikk Inc has been producing quality products since 2001. In 2005 we sold our first cruisers and have been perfecting them ever since, we have spawned many imitators over the last few years, but no one can match our style, quality or price! Don't sell your soul to the devil and overpay for a lesser quality short cruiser!! Our mens and ladies custom beach cruisers are longer from the seat to the bars for the best most comfortable ride and the colors you want, no short stubby frames like the big box brands (Sikk's frames are full adult size). In 2013 we introduced our mens 29 in XL cruiser, they feature one of the biggest and longest frames available for bigger and taller riders, once you ride the 29 you will never settle for less. Late summer we will offer our new "UFO" model that will blow the others away, look for it this July! We offer a 5 year frame warranty and 12 month on all other components, we stand behind our quality bikes and know you will enjoy cruising in style!!◄
  16. Nirve B-1 Cruiser Bicycle NIRVE B-1 MEN'S SINGLE SPEED CRUISER BIKE   OK, a lot of people like this bike, clicking on the picture at the right takes you to the Amazon.com website where you can get more information and also buy the bike if you want. The bike is highly customizable and it has an "old skoll" look to it. Please Note: Picture on the right is of a customized Nirve B-1 Cruiser Bike. Actual bicycle from manufacturer is not customized, and is available most likely in matte black frame color. Amazon has a good selection of Springer Forks and may have one or more that will fit this bicycle, click HERE to see.

    ►Built for comfortable cruising and head turning style, the B-1 Cruiser Bike from Nirve features Fastback Cruiser design in a stylish matte black frame. Featuring a sturdy Hi-Ten steel frame with ergonomic Kandy Bars handlebars, the B-1 Cruiser provides a comfortable, upright riding position. The bike offers an easy ride with single-speed gearing, a front hand brake, and a classic coaster brake. Additional details include a Nirve comfort saddle, 26-inch cruiser tires, alloy rims, and an alloy kickstand. Features include: One-speed gearing, Fastback cruiser design, Hi-Ten steel frame, Nirve Kandy Bars ergonomic handlebars, Front hand brake, rear coaster brake, 26-inch wheels, Alloy rims, Cruiser tires, Alloy kickstand, Shipped 85 percent assembled, Tools and instructions from remaining assembly included, All specifications are subject to change. Warranty: frame—five years; components—one year. What's in the Box? 1ea. B-1 Cruiser Bike 85 percent assembled, all assembly tools, assembly instructions. About Nirve Bikes: Nirve strives to make bicycles that are fun and easy to ride—both for pleasure and for short trips that you might otherwise make in your automobile. Nirve collaborates with leading designers, including Paul Frank, John Deere, Hello Kitty, Pink Panther, Mooneyes, Barris Kustoms, Drew Brophy, and Robert August Surfboards to create bikes that have a unique look. Product Description: The product is a Nirve B-1 Men's Single Speed Cruiser Bike. It has 26-Inch wheels. It comes in a matte black.◄
  17. R.A.S. Amba Beach Cruiser R.A.S. BICYCLES   This is a line of Beach Cruiser Bicycles that incorporate Hi-Ten Steel fat frames & forks with a 36 hole steel hub, steel cruiser handlebars, steel 40T crank, & steel seat post. You can upgrade the spokes to Stainless Steel if so desired. This is a line of simple single speed Beach Cruiser Bicycles. Each bike comes equipped with aluminum alloy rims and handlebar stems. They have a lot of good photos of their bikes. To give you some idea of the pricing: Copacabana Bikes in Portland, Oregon has these bikes on clearance sale for as low as $119.99 each & Zion Cruisers in San Jose, California has them for as low as $149.99 including shipping costs to the lower 48 states on this date of write up (27 Jul 2013). Picture on the right is of their: "R.A.S. Amba Mens - Matte Black".

    ►We are modern bicycle manufacturer that is continuing the old bicycle tradition. Bicycles are not just a mode of transportation, to us, bicycles are a way of life. We offer drop shipping method of distribution in addition to regular brick-mortar store supplying. Please contact us at: info@rasbikes.com.◄

  18. Driggs Tangerine Cruiser BROOKLYN CRUISER   I like these line of bikes. They are not really the traditional sweep shape style of your normal beach cruiser, but close enough i guess. You can buy these online, and pick up at a dealer. Picture on the right is of their "Driggs 7 seven speed bicycle".

    ►No Brooklyn Cruiser Retailer in your city? Don't fret. Our bikes come mostly assembled, but still require a little putting together after taking them out of the box. If that thought doesn't have you running for your toolbox in anticipation, we've got a new option you might be interested in: our Buy and Ride program. We want the process of ordering your bike to be just as pleasant as riding it, so we've partnered with bike shops all over the country to get you up and rolling hassle-free. After you've picked out the model, color, and size you want, go ahead and place your order. We'll make arrangements with one of our partners within a reasonable distance from your home, send them your new bike, and have them assemble and test it - no charge. All you have to do is pick it up and take it home. That's our Buy and Ride program. Easy and simple. Just like a Brooklyn Cruiser. Select the model, color and size you want. Place your order. We will call you within 72 hours with the time and location for you to pick up your fully assembled Brooklyn Cruiser.◄
  19. Basman Nuvinci Cruiser Bike RIDELOW   This is a wild bicycle dealer located in the United Kingdom. They say about themselves "Vintage Retro Bikes for sale". Picture on the right is of "The Basman Nuvinci Cruiser bike in Gloss Black is perfect for the kind of person that likes their bikes lookin' clean n crisp! Complete with a Nuvinci 360 rear hub and old school websprung seat" . . .

    Cool Amazon Search
    Welcome to Ridelow where Cycling meets fashion. If you are an urban fashionista take a look at our single speed/Fixed gear bikes or roll out in style with one of our Lowrider bikes. If the idea of sitting back and enjoying the ride in comfort appeals to you then a Cruiser bike might be the right choice. Choose from a massive selection of bike brands and styles from Electra, Schwinn, Basman, Johnny Loco & United Cruisers. We have been trading for 15 years and our store is like no other bike store. We have a selection of bikes, bicycle accessories bike parts and bicycle components and bike clothing mixed in with Hunter Wellies right here from our City Center store Ridelow in Manchester. We are known as Manchester's favorite alternative store, we love and respect all our customers and value you all very much. This ethos is carried out onto our Bicycle online Business and we will do more than most to make our customers happy and have a great experience when buying a bike from Ridelow or just asking for advice. Customer service is so important for you and us. We are a forward thinking independent business with good honest values.◄
  20. Felt Deep Six Beach Cruiser COPACABANA BIKES   I am including this business linked to here because they offer a very large selection of bikes for sale online. You can order from their website and receive your bike via Fedex or UPS to your business or home address. It seems they have very good prices, but you will need to double check for your own benefit. They also offer a lot of bicycle accessories on their site. Picture on the right is one of the beach cruisers they sell: A "Felt Deep Six Beach Cruiser.

    ►We take pride in stocking the largest selection of quality beach cruiser bikes at the lowest prices in the nation. You'll be cruisin' in comfort and style on our beach bikes. We offer bicycles with or without fenders, classic styles, new school FAT frames, stretch bikes, high spoke counts and everything in between! Beach cruiser bikes are everyone's love at first sight. Everyone also appreciates a good deal and likes to save money. We offer over 200 different beach cruisers on sale every day for exceptionally low beach bike prices. Our prices are lowest anywhere, and on top of it, we price match our beach cruisers. Our beach cruiser sales are over 60% of internet retail beach cruiser stores, and much more over brick and mortar beach cruiser shops. If you are looking for best beach cruiser deal on any beach cruiser from all major beach cruiser manufactures, you will not find a better, cheaper, more reliable beach cruiser business online. Whether you are searching for men's beach cruiser for sale, or a women's beach cruiser for sale, we carry over 200 different beach cruisers for everyone. Our beach cruisers are shipped quickly by UPS or FedEx in boxes designed for cruiser bikes. We offer exceptional beach cruiser customer service second to none. Thank you for shopping our site.◄
  21. Zippys Bikes ZIPPY'S BIKES   Here is a new "Build a Bike" business for you. They sell Men's Cruiser Bike "Black Out" Packages (Makes your Beach Cruiser completely "blacked-out!"). They sell "Pre-Owned Bikes plus New Beach Cruisers. I especially like the men's cruiser they have on display which is pictured at the right. Also, need to mention that their website does not seem to be complete and may be a work in progress, but still there is enough information to include it on my website. Visit their Facebook Page for some nice pictures of their bikes at the beach and other places. Build a Men's OR Ladies Beach Cruiser - Price per Unit (piece): $250.00, Build your own bike! Build your own custom beach cruiser, designed by you! Choose your own colored tires, forks, seat, hand grips and more . . .

    ►Welcome to Zippy's. Zippy's carries a full line of bicycles from road bikes to beach to kids and ladies bikes! Zippy's has New, Pre-owned Bikes, accessories and Repairs most with same day service. Specializing in Custom Beach Cruisers. Open year round!◄
  22. Bondi Beach Cruisers BONDI BEACH CRUISERS   This Australian based beach cruiser business sells both retail bikes plus they do "Private Branding" which means they will put your business name or logo on the bikes as a special order so that you can use the bikes to promote your business or company name. They sell both a men's & women's model bicycle. Their website has nice pictures of their products. Plus, included on their website are instructional videos for bicycle assembly and other bicycle information.

    ►Beach bicycles inspired by the laid-back lifestyle of Bondi Beach summers. BBC offers custom spray colors for all cruisers and low riders at an affordable cost. Please contact us for more information and free quotation. All Bondi beach cruiser bikes are single speed coaster brakes. Bondi beach cruisers bikes are backed by a 1 year manufacturers warranty on, frame, handle bar, cranks & wheels. Seat, Handle grips and pedals are covered for 3 months. Please retain proof of purchase for validation. If you are not satisfied with your bike, please contact Bondi beach cruisers within 7 days to request a replacement or refund. Any delivery cost in returning the goods are at the expense of the customer. Other than the online store Bondi beach cruisers can be purchased through our head office in North Bondi by prior arrangements. International shipping can be arranged, please contact us for a quotation before purchasing outside of Australia. Delivery in Australia will be made by courier. Goods are dispatched withing two days of your payment being cleared. Please allow up to 7 days to receive your delivery. Shortly after completion of placing your order, you will receive an email confirming that we have received your order. You will receive a second email when your order has shipped. Please save these email invoices for your records. If you do not receive an email confirmation within 48hrs of placing your order, please contact us. Our bicycles are delivered 85% assembled and flat packed. Instructions are included for assembly, and video below for your convenience, however, we recommend you hire a qualified mechanic to assemble any of our products. We do not accept responsibility or any liability in the event of an accident, mechanical fault or injuries caused while riding Bondi Beach Cruisers bicycles.◄
  23. bambeach-cruiser BAMBEACH CRUISER   Well, here is a unique bike in that most of the frame is made from bamboo. The website linked here has a lot of good pictures of what is possible to build with their bamboo tube system. This Bambike is available in the USA and is currently located in San Francisco. Please inquire for details: Bamb.bike@gmail.com

    ►BAMBIKE (Bamb EcoLogical Technology Inc.) is a socio-ecological enterprise that hand-makes bamboo bicycles with fair-trade labor and sustainable building practices. Our Bambike builders come from Gawad Kalinga, a Philippine based community development organization for the poor, working to bring an end to poverty. We are also working on a bamboo nursery for
    reforestation and have plans for a reef rehabilitation project. Bambike is a company that is interested in helping out people and the planet, dedicated to social and environmental stewardship. Our goal is to do better business and to make the greenest bikes on the planet. Bryan Benitez McClelland President, CEO & founder of Bambike, a proud Filipino-American, started to ride a bike when he was 5 years old. When he was cruising down the hill behind the civic center where he learned on his little red bike, he never dreamed that one day he would be building bikes, let alone making them out of bamboo. The idea came to him while he was working on his Masters of Environmental Resource Management at the University of Pennsylvania. His thesis was on sustainable community development in the Philippines – working to create the environmental program, now known as Green Kalinga, for Gawad Kalinga. Bryan's vision for Bambike is to build the greenest bikes on the planet, and to create as many jobs as possible for the people that need them the most.◄
  24. cobobikes.com COBO BIKES   This brand can be purchased by visiting one of their dealers in a local bike shop. On their website they have a "Dealer Dropdown Menu" you can use. This is a private brand bike, owned by a cooperative, i think. I have seen these bikes listed for as low as $199.95 on the internet.

    ►COBO™ bikes, parts and accessories are cooperatively bought, and offered exclusively by the independent bicycle retailers of www.thebikecooperative.com. Because COBO comes direct from the same factories as the most popular brands in the industry, you're getting a great product, and great value. We believe that bike riding is good for people's health, great for the environment, and that people who ride bikes are ultimately more connected to their communities. Thanks for supporting your local bike store! Every time you make a COBO purchase you are helping your local bike store. In fact, the COBO brand is actually owned by local independent bicycle retailers. All COBO products are backed by a Lifetime Warranty on aftermarket parts, accessories and COBO aluminum bike frames.◄
  25. Men's Beach Cruiser UNITED CRUISER   Here for your perusal is a new Cruiser Bike company from the country of France. They have some great designs in my opinion. They do not have a great big inventory of designs, but enough very good ones to keep anyone satisfied. Also, this business is opening it's first office in the USA in the city of Philadelphia, PA and they are seeking qualified retailers to sell their bicycles. The links i have here take you to their United Kingdom site which is in the english language.

    ►Since 2005, there is nevertheless the revival of Cruiser Bikes in cities around the world. Yesterday, singled out as too heavy or too exuberant they are slowly returning to the place that was theirs in the beginning, the urban cycling family, stylish and practical at the same time, except for one detail: It is now a global trend, thanks to the Internet. Paris, London, Los Angeles, Moscow, Tokyo or Tel Aviv joyfully discover the "Cool Riding". At United Cruiser, we intend resolutely to make this story a new chapter. We build the bike for you technologically sophisticated, using natural materials and sustainability for each component. Aluminum is ubiquitous on our productions to the hardware, which represents a world first. Furthermore 90% of our parts, including our frames and forks, are from an original design straight out of our own imagination! We focus on efficiency and the approval and conducted in-depth work on the distribution of masses down to make our bikes machines reactivity formidable, outperforming in all areas of the best achievements in city bikes or VTC. We hope to share our taste for beautiful things, combining with strength and conviction our respect for the Beautiful America and our French knowledge, inspired and creative, like the high fashion of our country. We wish with all our heart to invite you on an extraordinary journey by our side, on our bikes, which for sure, will open new perspectives. Open wide your garage door, look out in a new light because "The adventure begins at the corner".◄
  26. Wood Frame Beach Cruiser SILKWOOD CYCLES   Would you like a little change from metal frame bikes? Well, you can make the switch today to something more artsy in appearance plus a better smelling bicycle! Try wood frame built beach cruiser bikes. You'll be the center of attention for sure when you ride around on one of these. Check out this nice website with lots of good pictures of one man's beautiful wood frame cruiser. You'll be glad you did. Thanks "Gus Duncan" from Australia for sending me this item.

    ►A growing number of riders are deciding they want to invest in something that expresses and extends their understanding and love of Cycling. This demand is behind a renaissance in Custom Frame Building. Wooden Frames are a very new part of this renaissance and are being revived for good reasons. From a technical point of view, to the fact that it "grows on trees"! But to some this "medium" is
    something more . . . Is it the "warmth and feel" or the "ride quality" of this material that captivates people? Unless you have the opportunity to ride a Woody, or have the "Wood Gene" deep within your soul you might only see just another bike. Wooden Frame Building will add another chapter to the World of Cycling and I want to be a part of it! With the application of much effort the "Art and Craft of Frame Building" has a new expanse for expression . . . Viva La Velo. After building my first Woody thinking that I was a visionary, I came across www.renovobikes.com which only served to fuel my beliefs and experiences . . . That Wood is a very nice ride! Then I came across the most amazing and incredible Master Sano Magic in Tokyo, and others that were already building. By that stage I was in shock! All of a sudden I understood I was in a "Wooden Bike Renascence Vortex"!! Modern techniques and materials are opening up a new "episode" of possibilities for a frame building material that surely has come of age. It seems "Wooden Frame Building" is only limited by peoples imagination and skill. With the right application any style bike "wood" be possible . . . Road, Cyclocross, Off Road, Commuting, Touring, Cargo, Recumbent, Cruisers and Tall Bikes . . . Did I miss anyone? Woodys are suited to a growing number of riders that have had a few bikes and are ready for something that is best described as "Ride-able Art". As well as look cool, ride well and smell better, you may have noticed Wood grows on trees!! What are you waiting for? If you are interested in this "frame building medium" you're welcome to contact me. I'm quite willing to share my experiences. Somehow making or riding a hand built frame from the "Woods of the World" wood have to be high on a Bucket List worth kicking. They take time to build, but I think you'll find the results are worth the wait. Steel is Real - But Wood is Wonderful!! . . . And Marvelous!!◄
  27. ARAT ROD BIKES   This is another suggested site from Seton of the UK. Thanks again Seton. At this website linked here you will find some of the most beautiful cruiser bikes on the planet. Lots and lots of color pictures of homemade/custom made cruisers. Also, they have lots of links to eBay sites where you can purchase bicycle parts and complete vintage bicycles like: Vintage, Colson, Columbia, Elgin, Hawthorne, Dayton, JC Higgins, Monark, Shelby, Roadmaster, Hiawatha, & Schwinn. I didn't realize there were so many of these old vintage bicycles on eBay. This a beautiful well organized website, but i could not find any contact information or where they are located. Picture on the right is of a cruiser bike called: "Uncle Stretch". Be sure and visit their Facebook page.

    ►You made it to RatRodBikes.com's online store. Check back as we add new products to our line up. RatRodBikes.com is an online community for custom and vintage bicycle builders, collectors and riders.◄

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