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  1. Hornet Beach Cruiser MANHATTAN CRUISERS   This website is owned by KHS Bicycles based in Rancho Dominguez, California and features their line of Cruisers. They sell both very cool men’s and women’s beach cruiser bicycles. The picture on the right is of their "Hornet" model.

    ►From the Manhattan Cruisers website!
    Come in and take a look around, we're sure you'll find the exact cruiser you're looking for. The New Manhattan Green bicycle is the bike for everyone. If you're tired of running errands in your expensive SUV . . . Then Save Some Green and Ride The New "Green". The 2010 Manhattan Cruiser models are now available! Previous model years are included on this site for reference. None of the previous year models are available from Manhattan Cruisers, but you may find a shop that might still have them in their showroom. 2009 MANHATTAN MODELS: Aero, Aero Deluxe 6, Flyer, Flyer 24, Flyer Deluxe 6, Pink, Bad Kitty, Bullet, Hornet, Smoothie, Dreamin', Cotton Candy, Lil' Daisy, Hot Rod, Green, & our Adult Trike.◄

  2. 3 Speed Yellow Fat Tire Beach Cruiser BAHAMA BEACH CRUISERS   I just received a request to include this business on my website which i am happy to do. These fat tire bikes seem to be becoming more popular everyday. This business here has some nice colors plus some nice prices. This business is based in Chandler, Arizona USA.

    ►The #1 Supplier for Fat Tire Beach Cruisers. Our manufacturer has been producing quality bicycles for men, women, and children for 50 years. We have state-of-the-art equipment in our plants, which produce all types of bicycles worldwide. We only use the highest quality parts and custom paint for all our fat tire beach cruisers. We believe our customers should expect the very best in quality, color selection and design. Our customers don't mind paying more for a beach cruiser that has been voted on quality, color and a popular frame design. We are the only U.S. Manufacturer Supplier who has these exotic wheel and frame colors that are quite striking and have become very popular on our fat tire cruisers. Fat tire bikes have been around for 10 years mainly used in the mountains through snow and sand terrain. However, these beach cruisers are perfect for beach boardwalks, hard sand terrain, and subdivision pathways. INTERESTED IN PURCHASING OUR FAMOUS SINGLE OR 3 SPEED BAHAMA BEACH CRUISERS - CONTACT US: @ 480-586-8824. WANT TO BECOME A DEALER OR DISTRIBUTOR - EMAIL US:◄
  3. Black Beach Cruiser COLORADO BIKES   Here's a new one for ya'll. They specialize in custom built / designed cruiser bikes by the customer. They do have some unique designs which i like a lot, like the one pictured on the right. They will ship their bikes most places. Order online and have your custom bike shipped to your favorite address.

    ►Colorado Bikes was founded in 2014 in beautiful Fort Collins, Colorado, a city that clears the snow from its bike paths before its roads. We were inspired to create the ultimate bike experience, a custom cruiser bicycle built especially for you. The goal of Colorado Bikes is to provide a custom beach cruiser bike without that scary custom bike price tag. Our bikes are built and shipped to you faster than any other company, and all these services are offered to you at an incredible price. Our bikes are as much about you than they are about us. In Fort Collins, biking isn't just a hobby, it is a way of life. You spend so much time riding your bike, so why not have a bike built specifically for you? With over 279,000 color combos for you to choose from, we provide the ultimate Old Town custom beach cruiser, that is made just for you! Cruise through our site and check out all the options we offer, so that you can have the bike you have always wanted!◄
  4. The One Love Cruiser Model MANGO CRUISERS   Billed as "The Best Aluminum Beach Cruiser, Designed in the Florida Keys". This appears to be a relatively new beach bike business and on their website they say they have more items coming up for sale related to cruisers i'm sure. These bikes appear to be well made if their pictures are any indication. I have not bought one yet, you can buy some models from Bikes Direct, click on cruiser link. I like their Toucan3 model a lot, looks well made.

    ►One Love, that's all that needs to be said. Handmade aluminum frame with our custom comfort-stretch geometry. Aluminum wheels and stainless spokes, chrome fenders, SuperComfort Spring saddle, Rust-proof aluminum handlebar and stem. All Mangos have a special anti-rust coated chain. Tested under 500 hours of salt spray. MSRP $395. Mango Cruisers are compatible with a wide variety of parts and accessories. If you love our product, but want something just a bit more personal, we recommend you imagine your ride with any number of customizations like the ones listed below.◄
  5. Kettler Verso Capri Cruiser - 17in KETTLER   You know what - i think this is Kettler's only Beach Cruiser model which is in a mens and ladies frame. I have never seen this bike but it is my understanding that kettler makes a pretty good bicycle. I think Kettler is a German Company. Picture on the right is of their (KT437-288) Verso Capri mens Cruiser - 17in. You can buy this Cruiser online at the link provided here.

    ►High-strength lightweight aluminum retro styled comfort frame. 3-piece chrome plated crankset. Sturdy chromemoly rigid fork. Clear coated front and rear fenders with solid blade supports. Resilient alloy rims with stainless steel spokes. Dual sided pedals. Sure grip resin platform/rubberized comfort grip. Easily adjustable Quick Release seat post clamp. Heavy-Duty Duro Sure Trac Tread 2.12in cruiser tires. Extra wide padded comfort saddle with impact absorbing support springs. Lightweight protective shatterproof chain guard. Swept back cruiser handlebars with nonslip hand grips. Center mounted rust-resistant kickstand. Colors: Mediterranean Green (men's). Made in China.◄
  6. Yolo Beach Cruiser Bicycle YOLO BIKE COMPANY   Here is a quite new beach cruiser bicycle company based in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida: Phone number (850) 622-5760. They have a real nice line of cruisers with some special added quality features; i especially like the use of the 3 inch tires on most or all of their bikes. Picture on the right is of their "ULTRA disc model w/ Shimano 3 speed Nexus with free wheel and 3in street tires. It will be offered in both dirt & street editions in Men's and Women's versions and at least 2 color options/model". Click on the picture at the right to visit their facebook page or click on this listings' starting link to visit their website homepage.

    ►Yolo Bike Company was founded on simplicity, innovation and function. We didn't enter the crowded bike market to offer just another "Me Too" product. We wanted to provide a line that would take the active YOLO lifestyle to the next level with a durable, timeless, aesthetically soothing and bomb-proof product that would leave some folks scratching their heads. As a matter of fact, many of the specifications on a Yolo bike are similar to what would be found on a performance level mountain bike, lending lightweight components and durability to the cruiser market. Life is short . . . Friends don't let friends ride junk!.◄
  7. AUTUM   Update: (17 April 15) By the looks of their domain name, they appear to be out of business. I will leave this listing up for future reference. Attention! As of 7-19-11 Autum has a new cruiser bike up for sale and as before has a limited production run (12 Bikes Total). It is called the "Epitaph" shown in the picture on the top of the Minion pic. The picture on the bottom is of a former limited production cruiser bike called the "Minion". One man says: "It's a modern/cruiser take on the Pashley Guvnor bike and other cruiser retro bikes, sort of a blend."
    This bicycle is or was produced by a business named "Autum" and they say: "Production is limited, a labor of love, we only design and produce goods that we find ourselves to be infatuated with." But, sometimes money talks and demands a change in plans and maybe if there is enough demand for this very cool looking cruiser bike, they will continue production. As of this date (7-7-11) though Autum has not replaced the "Minion" bicycle; i am leaving this listing up here for historical purposes, it is for reference only. After quite awhile the bicycle is still "SOLD OUT" with no replacement.

    ►Built with a focus on low maintenance, comfort and utility; the Minion features a powder coated cantilever steel frame for longevity and an insatiable appetite for your eccentric adventures. The stem is laser engraved reflecting build number. Limited production run of (7).”

    • Overbuilt, Cantilever Steel Frame
    • Double Spring Linkage Fork
    • 4130 Chromoly 3 Piece Cranks
    • Sealed Bottom Bracket
    • Polycarbonate Platform Pedals
    • Coaster Brake
    • Extra Wide 50mm Aluminum Rims
    • 2.35” Balloon Tires
    • Laser Engraved ID Number
    • Brooks B73 Spring Saddle
    • Brooks Leather Ring Grips
    • Limited Production of 7 (Sold Out!)
    • Built To Order, Please Allow 3-4 Weeks For Delivery
    • Complimentary Domestic Shipping / International Orders.
  8. small diamondback drifter 1 DIAMONDBACK BICYCLES   Diamondback has a nice line of street worthy bicycles which include a Comfort line, Cruiser line, Hybrid/Cross line & Commuter line. These bikes are a good value for the money in my opinion. The picture on the right is of their Drifter 1 model beach cruiser.

    "Despite the innovation and all of the advancements in bicycle technology, there is still no bike that gives you the kind of feeling you get when you take a seat behind the broad, sweeping handlebars of a nice beach cruiser. The saddle is positioned so it’s very easy to get on and off. The handlebars are well within a casual and comfortable reach right in front of you. And best of all, your worries and concerns can easily be kept far behind you."
  9. Husky Beach Cruiser HUSKY BICYCLES   Picture on the right is of their Husky Santa Monica 26in comfort cruiser for men. Bikes can be ordered online and shipped to your home or business.

    ►Quality cruiser bicycle with hi-tensile steel frame size 19in (19in from top of seat tube to center of crank), painted metallic ocean blue and pearl white. Equipped with double coil spring wide cruiser saddle with vinyl cover, aluminum wheels, rear coaster brake (foot brake), front alloy hub, balloon tires with classic white walls, wide classic handlebar, nickle-plated chain, non-slip (bare foot) platform pedals with reflectors, full front and rear fenders, full chain guard, kickstand, and complete set of reflectors. Excellent handling, quiet and smooth ride. Shipped in one cardboard box by UPS.◄
  10. Firmstrong Chief Cruiser FIRMSTRONG   This is Firmstrong’s wholesale site. The beach cruiser on the right is called their "The Chief". The website does not include very much written information about their products - mostly a list of pictures of their inventory.

    "Browse our selection of quality mountain bikes, beach cruisers, freestyle bikes. We are a wholesaler only."

  11. Monster Cruiser COKER CYCLE COMPANY   This company was the source of the three famous bicycles: The Monster Cruiser, The Unicycle, and The Wheelman. They discontinued for awhile the selling of their bicycles, but now they are at least selling the Monster Cruiser. Their latest model of the Monster Cruiser sports the following improvements: Free shipping within the contiguous lower 48 states, New double-wall alloy rims, Sturmey Archer 3-speed coaster break rear hub, Lighter spokes (48 count), 36" front & rear wheels w/Coker Button tread tires, Classic springer seat, Wide 30" handlebars, Front Caliper brakes.

    In 1974, Corky Coker was handed the reigns of the fledgling antique tire division of his father’s Chattanooga-based B.F.Goodrich dealership. He sold vintage tires, which represented less than five percent of the company’s total business, out of a 500 square foot space at the back of the retail center. Today, Coker Tire’s antique tire division accounts for 95 percent of the business and is the world’s largest and most prominent supplier of antique and classic tires for automobiles, trucks and motorcycles. Coker ships tires to every state in the US and more than 40 countries. The company now occupies several buildings in the historic Southside district of downtown Chattanooga and there’s a Coker Tire operation located in Fresno, California as well. Corky’s father, Harold, started the Coker Tire Company in 1958. Another division, Coker Cycle Company is controlled by Corky’s daughter Casey, and markets vintage-style Monster Cruiser bicycles and unicycles. To view these bicycles go to their Coker Tire website then click on "Bikes & Unicycles".
  12. Columbia Anniversary Bike COLUMBIA BIKES   For those of you who might be interested in buying a replica of a 1941 Columbia Superb Cruiser Bicycle visit this website. They (Columbia Mfg. Inc.) call this their 125th Anniversary Bike. You can also buy this bike online at this place: in Belmont, Massachusetts.

    ►Celebrating its 125th Anniversary, Columbia - founder of the US Bicycle Industry proudly introduces the Special Edition "Custom Deluxe" Cruiser. True to Columbia’s reputation for attention to detail, the 125th Anniversary Custom Deluxe cruiser features coaster brakes, dashboard with clock and speedometer, whitewall tires, horn and headlight. The deep, rich opalescent blue and ivory paint finish is accented with authentic frame decals from Columbia’s original Golden Anniversary model, the ARCH BAR. Accompaning each bike will be a certificate designating the anniverary edition, signed by the President of Columbia. Appealing to collectors, nostalgia buffs or anyone who appreciates "classics", this cruiser is a "must have" for any discriminating individual. I see cycling enthusiasts who may have a full suspension mountain bike, buying one of these to "cruise the neighborhood", said Don Bieker, President of Columbia.” Don Bieker says his company has recreated the original Golden Anniversary model, the Arch Bar, right down to the luggage rack on the rear wheel with jewel reflectors and brass name plate to the jewels on the pedals. Available in men’s and ladie’s models.
  13. Huffy Lady's Beach Cruiser Bicycle SAM'S CLUB   Picture on the right is of the only beach cruiser bicycle i could find on their website: A lady's beach cruiser Item #260263 - Model #56753 Huffy 26in Deluxe Cruiser Bike, Seafoam color (price approximately $130.00). Probably if you visit Sam's Club you will find many more bicycles on the floor. The bicycle featured here seems to be well liked by buyers.

    ►The 26in Huffy Deluxe Cruiser Bike is the "go-to" bike when you have places to go. Whether you're headed into town or just around the block, you'll enjoy the comfortable ride and appreciate the extra features. The seafoam Huffy classic cruiser has a sturdy front basket with plenty of room to carry your jacket, phone, keys and more. When you need to carry a bit more, the rear rack is easy to use. Keep your favorite drink close by with the convenient beverage holder on the handlebar. The 26in Huffy Deluxe Cruiser Bike has classic fenders to keep you dry, plus comfort features you are sure to appreciate like the padded spring saddle and dual-density grips and pedals. The single-speed bike has an easy-to-use coaster brake. Specifications: Handlebar basket and adjustable rear rack, Convenient beverage holder, Steel cruiser frame in Seafoam, Single speed gearing, Easy-to-use coaster brake, 26in x 2.35in creme cruiser tires for easy riding, Classic fenders help keep the rider dry, Cruiser handlebar with dual-density grips for improved handling, Padded spring bike saddle with embroidery and quick-release binder for easy adjustments.◄
  14. Xtracycle Radish XTRACYCLE RADISH   Just replace the stock handlebars with beach cruiser handlebars and you got yourself a beach cruiser that hauls stuff. You can check out the Radish by clicking on the "Shop" button located at the top center of the Xtracycle website.

    ►Radish is the only affordable chromoly longtail bicycle on the market. Chromoly tubing, otherwise known as "aircraft tubing" is universally respected as a supple, strong, repairable and durable steel alloy, that yields better performance, lighter weight and greater longevity than cargo bikes made of hi-tensile steel. For 2010, Radish undergoes a major makeover, including frame geometry and design, as well as all brake and drivetrain components. In 2010, Radishes will be made in small batches, receiving more attention to quality than ever before. Our first batch of 70 is slated for delivery in February 2011.◄

  15. Dekra Beach Cruiser DEKRA BIKE   I think this is their only model of Beach Cruiser. A chainless Cruiser. A shaft driven drive train.

    ►Where comfort meets style. Introducing the Dekra West Coast Beach Cruiser. Whether it’s riding along a boardwalk, a lakeshore or beachfront road, you'll do it in style on a Dekra West Coast Beach Cruiser. With its D-Drive chainless operating system, it’s both comfortable and easy to ride — the perfect bike for today’s recreational rider. The Dekra West Coast Beach Cruiser has the look and feel of a classic cruiser bike from the past. Wide tires. Large, comfort saddle. Bullhorn handlebars. Bright blue paint with black accent colors. But that’s where the connection to the past ends. The Dekra West Coast Beach Cruiser is a totally modern bicycle using top of the line components and employing the technological advantages of the D-Drive chainless operating system.◄
  16. Kent La Jolla Cruiser KENT BICYCLES   This is the ladies model of the Kent La Jolla Cruiser model: #52681. The men’s model is: #52680. Cruiser tech highlights: 26in Alloy Rims, Lightweight Aluminum Frame, Ultra Comfort Seat, Coaster Brake.

    ►Kent International designs innovative products that get you moving. Our bikes and related accessories incorporate the latest advances in design and technology at an affordable price. At Kent, our goal is to get you where you want to go -- and to get you there safely. Safety leads our design process. We use only the best materials in crafting our products to the highest quality standards; our products don't ship until we are confident they are safe enough for our own families. A family-owned company, Kent’s history dates back to the early 1900s when the current President’s grandfather immigrated to the United States and got a job working for the owner of a bike shop in New York. During the process of restoring old bike frames, a love for cycling was born, and in 1909, he opened his own bike shop on the Lower East Side of the city. This small bike shop led to a larger store in New Jersey where the current President’s father developed his own passion for the business. In 1947 he was inspired to start his own company (Philkam Cycle) supplying bikes and parts to stores all over the Eastern part of the United States. In 1958, the company changed its name to Kent International and has been supplying Kent products to fun-loving parents and their children across the nation ever since. This century-long history has given Kent an unrivaled understanding of the market. We use this understanding to supply you with the products you want before you even know you want them. So next time you're looking for a new way to get moving -- whether for exercise, for a commute or just for fun -- check out a Kent.◄
  17. Avigo Ridgedale AVIGO   This bike brand appears to be sold exclusively by the Toys R Us company. It’s a relatively low cost cruiser with a price of about $99.98 at the time of this write up. You can find the adult bike section on their website by visiting Home Page > Bikes, Scooters & Riding Toys > Bikes > Comfort Bikes. Picture on the right is of the "Avigo Ridgedale", a 26in Men’s Beach Cruiser.
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    ►The Avigo Ridgedale 26in Men’s Comfort Bicycle is great! It has a tapered cad designed aluminum frame, super soft grips, alloy rims and an alloy stem. It also has full fenders, a foot brake and custom cruiser saddle. Comfort Bicycles are designed for ease - with pneumatic tires, curved back handlebars and padded seats. It has minimal gearing and is most commonly used at parks and beaches or places that have a flat terrain. Reviews from the Toys R Us website: "Haven't been on a bike in years. So happy with the quality and comfort. And the price you can't go wrong. I now ride 10 miles a day and enjoy every minute of it." And: "I picked this bike up on sale and in a box at my local store. You can assemble it fairly easily, if you have metric hex wrenches and at least an adjustable wrench. The pics of this bike on the web site show it with track style drop outs. The one I bought has horizontal drop outs. This bike is not for tall riders. I'm 5ft-9in and already changed out the seat post for a longer one. This bike is light. The frame is stylish with well thought out mounting points. The front sprocket could stand to be a little bigger for a little more speed. The saddle is very comfortable. All in all this is a good bike at a good price.◄
  18. Forge Tonga small FORGE BIKES   They seem to have one beach cruiser model basically; the mens model is called the"Tonga" and the womans bike is called the "Sconset". The picture on the right is of the Tonga model.

    "Inspired by the sea and the sounds of island steal drums, the Forge Tonga Beach Cruiser blends classic style with modern features; the 6061 all aluminum beach style frame is light and strong for easy riding. The contours of this beach style frame allow a comfortable upright riding position while ergonomic handlebars and comfort saddle with memory foam make each ride a great ride. Shimano 7 speed drivetrain, KMC Chain and Shimano cassette give power when needed to sail through the sea breeze. 26x2.1" tires are perfect for any terrain from the boardwalk to stretches of untouched beach. Escape reality, and let Tonga take you away."

    Cruiser tech highlights:
    • All Aluminum, Lightweight Frame with adjustable ergonomic handlebar for laid-back comfort.
    • SHIMANO 7-speed Tourney Derailleur and TEKTRO Alloy Linear Brakes.
    • Salt weather protected aluminum frame and 14G stainless spokes.
    • GEL Comfort Saddle and Grips for ultimate Comfort.
    • 18in Frame/ Stand over height 29.3in/ Fits most riders 5ft-6in to 6ft-1in.

  19. Kona World Humu Humu KONA BIKES   This is their interpretation of a Beach Cruiser as far as i can tell. Notice the old fashioned cruiser frame. Beautiful cool looking bike named "Humuhumu". Located in the "Asphalt" section.

    ►Haul your groceries on the Ute, speed to a meeting on one of 10 different Dews, burn to a party on a Paddy Wagon, get the job done on a Smoke, or cruise the beach on a Humu. At Kona, we offer the most diverse line of asphalt bikes of any cycling company in the world. Featuring: Kona Cromoly Butted Classic Cruiser Frame • Retro Brake Levers • Grips: Kona Cruiser • Bear Trap Pedals • Kenda K-Rad Tires.◄

  20. Electra Coaster 1 White Color ELECTRA BICYCLE COMPANY   Beautiful & unique cruiser type bicycles! About 15 different classes of cruiser bikes presenting one to four models in each class.
    The picture on the right is of their "Electra Coaster 1". Click on the picture to view their beautiful "Electra Delivery 8D".

    ►Think of our bikes as vehicles for discovery. If you let them, they will transport you to places beyond your average spin down the road. Even if your mission is nothing more than riding to a friend’s house or stopping by the corner cafe to grab a latte, Electra bicycles fill the experience with memorable moments that really define you — because we design our bikes as extensions of your imagination, style and sense of adventure. With excellence, expression, innovation and progression as our driving forces, Electra bikes speak to your individuality and quest for quality, while their smooth, efficient ride allows you to kick back, relax and enjoy the free flow of a lazy afternoon along the bike path, a free-parking evening pedaling around downtown or an energizing commute to the office. Whether you ride for fitness, fun, convenience, conservation or recreation, the Electra experience is offered in an assortment of flavors to suit your style. Try a Townie, Cruiser, or Amsterdam on for size, and experience the Electra Way to Roll.◄
  21. Schwinn Cruiser Small Pic SCHWINN BICYCLES   They sell about 16 different cruiser bikes including one tandem bike. They sell two Cruisers equipped with 700c wheels, similar to Sycip’s "cruiser". Check out their line of Cruisers because they are pretty neat. The picture on the right is of their Schwinn 2009 CLASSIC AL Cruiser.

    ►Call it a 113-year-long second childhood. At Schwinn Bicycles we just plain love to ride. Our eyes light up at the mere mention of the word, the scent of bicycle chain lube makes us giddy, the clicking of a freehub? Well, it gives us goose bumps. It’s been that way for us for 113 years, and we want you to feel that same cycling passion. From the full-on rocket ships and rugged commuters of our road bike line, to the classic cruisers and bomb-proof mountain bikes and BMX bikes and all the way down to the pint size sidewalk bikes, these Schwinn bicycles are guaranteed to get your heart racing and your spirit soaring. Schwinn: It’s for life.◄
  22. Boss Cruiser Coaster JAMIS BIKES   They have a large line of street bikes. They sell Hybrid/Cross models, Cruiser Bikes, Comfort Bikes, & what they call Commuter Bikes. Picture on the right is of their Boss Cruiser Coaster.

    ►A bike doesn't have to be fancy, to be fun. At its core, it’s one of the simplest, freedom-enhancing inventions ever. And when it comes to simplicity and freedom, these bikes are tops. Boss Cruiser and Taxi are casual fun bikes with the durability to keep going day after day, year after year. But they're also built to fit you, which is why we offer them in six sizes—two of them made just for women — so you'll be able to experience the comfort that only comes from a bicycle that fits properly. Choose from the honestly basic Boss Cruiser Coaster, with its single speed and coaster brake, or add the versatility of 7 click-shifted Shimano gears and hand brakes when you step up to the Boss Cruiser 7. Or go with the Taxi, a bike that's specifically made for vacation-resort rental fleets to be as absolutely fun and low-maintenance as a bicycle can possibly get.◄
  23. Huffy Panama Jack Cruiser HUFFY BIKES   You can order parts for your Huffy Bicycle using their toll free number: 1-800-872-2453 Customer Service/Parts Dept. This company is located in Centerville, Ohio. The picture on the right is of their "Panama Jack" cruiser. Click on the picture to view one of their latest Cruiser models - the "Newport".

    ►Since we first opened our doors in 1892, Huffy has been focused on finding new and better ways to make a ride for pretty much everyone – that pretty much everyone can afford. Over the years, millions of people (actually, more like tens of millions) around the world have found their reason to ride on a Huffy. Innovation and Design: As times change, people change. And as people change, their reasons to ride change. That's led to several important innovations in the bicycle market – pioneered by Huffy. In the 1960's and 1970's the Huffy Radio Bicycle appealed to music lovers. It provided a radio built into the tank with the antenna and battery pack on the rear carrier. The Huffy Dragster's new design established the 60's trend for children's bicycles. This 20in wheel bicycle had a "banana" seat and high-rise handlebars. The Huffy Scout pioneered a new look for the 70's and became a best seller. This 10-speed, lightweight bicycle featured a narrow racing saddle, dropped-style handlebars, and an American West color scheme.◄
  24. American Flyer TREK BICYCLES   Trek has a good amount of Cruisers - about 9 different models including one tandem model. Their line of beach cruisers are of the traditional design in my opinion. Click on their "Bike Path" link then click "Cruiser". Check out their "Drift 1" model. Women, i think you will like the "Wasabi" model. Picture on the right is of their Trek Cruiser Classic, frame made with "Alpha White Aluminum" a fashionably functional fun-machine.

    ►Trek stays true to the soul of the cruiser with a laid back ride and smooth-rolling tires. The paint and graphics are always designed to compliment any look you're going for. And we haven't skimped on the tech either. Trek uses only rust-resistant materials in order to keep the maintenance low and the karma up. When Trek began in 1976, our mission was simple: Build the best bikes in the world. Today, we've added to our mission: Help the world use the bicycle as a simple solution to complex problems. The bicycle is the most efficient form of human transportation. It can combat climate change, ease urban congestion, and build human fitness. It brings us together, yet allows us to escape. And it takes us places we would never see any other way. Trek. We believe in bikes.◄
  25. GT Windstream Cruiser Bicycle GT BICYCLES   This is GT’s version of a "Cruiser Bike". A little different than most, but maybe someone out there will like it. It is called the "Windstream". "GT’s single-speed Windstream sport cruiser is the perfect blend of style and technology delivered in an ultra-comfortable yet speedy, lightweight package. Aluminum frame, handlebars, stem, post and wheels keeps the bike light while the 700x47c tires provides stability and efficiency."

    ►What does a company that cut its teeth in racing know about comfort? We've taken lessons in comfort-over-the-long-haul and built them into these bikes. Rides that used to seem too long will now just be your warm-up. Customer Service is a top priority at GT Bicycles since our founding in 1973. We are here to help you find answers to your GT related questions, complete your warranty registrations online, allow access to owner's manuals, and locate the dealer nearest you.◄
  26. Greenline BC-105 Men’s Burgundy Bike GREENLINE BICYCLES   This brand has a pretty good selection of bikes. Check out how the bikes are made in China. There is a possibility that they do not sell to the general public. But, good news - you can buy this brand of beach cruiser on

    ►We are a wholesaler and factory direct distributor of GreenLine Bicycles. Our warehouse is conveniently located in the City of Industry, California, USA. We also have daily FedEx pick-up for drop ship customers. Our business hours are from 9am to 5pm, Mondays through Fridays. Give us a call prior to visiting our showroom!◄
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