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  1. Native CruiserKICKSTAND MAGAZINE   I should have included this online magazine dedicated to the Cruiser Bicycle a long time ago, . . . Sorry Brad. This publication specializes in the Beach Cruiser type bicycle. Lots of cool pictures also.

    ►We love riding bikes with friends, meeting new people, exploring new places, seeing the world from the seat of a bike, and drinking in all that life has to offer. We here at Kickstand are dedicated to spreading this passion and the cruiser lifestyle. We invite you to join us. It takes more than a good idea to launch a magazine. We've assembled a cast of characters with decades of experience in media, design, and the law . . . All with a common passion for bikes, community and fun. Brad K. Evans - Editor & Publisher. If you own a cruiser bicycle, it’s likely that you know Brad. He is the brains and backbone of the Denver Cruiser Ride, president of the Human Powered Transit Authority, and the one crazy enough to start a magazine about cruiser bicycles and those that ride them around the world.◄

  2. Mantis Beach HopperMANTIS BICYCLES  This very basic cruiser is another line offered by the Cycle Force Group. This bike can be ordered online.

    "Mantis, an in-house brand of Cycle Force Group, provides quality bikes for those riders on a budget. Like all Cycle Force Group’s brands, Mantis bikes come with a manufacture warranty and Cycle Force Group’s excellent customer service.

    Mantis® Beach Hopper Cruiser-Mens:
    Feature packed entry-level beach cruiser. Single speed coaster brake cruiser with rugged cantilever frame, stainless steel spokes, alloy rims and front and rear fenders - mens or ladies."
    • Entry-level beach bike
    • Steel Cantilever Cruiser frame
    • Chrome steel fenders
    • Single-speed Coaster brake
    • Fat beach bike tires

  3. James Perse Cruiser Red ColorJAMES PERSE CRUISER   This is a really cool find. I called the company about this bike and they told me they can ship this bike to your home or business. As of this date 7-14-09 the base price is $2,200.00 plus a Shipping & Handling fee. Only one model available - the one in the picture with four color choices.

    "Custom Built Vintage-Style Beach Cruiser. Originally popularized in the '50s and '60s, the Beach Cruiser is known for its stylistic fat tires that can handle sand, wide-style handlebars and coaster brakes. Its form and function has made it a fixture in Southern California. Combining a vintage style with a modern look, the James Perse Cruiser blends comfort with sleek form. Each James Perse Cruiser is custom built and includes a limited edition serial number. A limited supply is available now. Features include: Hydroform steel frame, billet aluminum stem, hand-aged leather seat and grips, triple-clamp fork, extra large aluminum sprocket, extra wide 2" rims and 2.125" tires, 1 speed coaster brake hub and a limited edition serial number tag.Available exclusively at James Perse boutiques. For more information, please contact a store near you."
  4. Sixthreezero Mammoth Model Beach CruiserSIXTHREEZERO  Nice line of Cruiser Bikes with great colors. Based in Southern California. Picture on the right is of the Sixthreezero "Mammoth" Model.

    ►Sixthreezero Cruiser Bicycles were born in Hermosa Beach, California 2005 when two guys in a garage set out to offer a stylish, quality affordable cruiser bike. A simple frame and color design keeps the price down while the highest quality seat and grips offer the maximum comfort - essential for a cruiser. We believe our success is due to the fact that we love what we do. Our main distribution center is now located in Torrance, CA. SixThreeZero Cruisers are only available at stores or via the web at Thank You! And Enjoy the ride.”
    SixThreeZero Mammoth Model Cruiser tech highlights:
    • Oversized leather seat.
    • 630 Cruiser 26in x 2.125.
    • 19in Frame; 26in Wheels.
    • Thick top tube, Will fit all heights; excellent for taller individuals.

  5. Helio Basic Beach CruiserHELIO BIKES   You will like these nice looking gas engine motorized Beach Cruiser bicycles.

    ►Helio was founded by a couple and their love for odd mechanics. Kyle was an expert in foreign car performance, engine swaps, restoration and Becca was an expert in restoration and antiques. Combining our skills and creative abilities we formed Helio Bikes which weigh in at less than 85 pounds (avg. 65 lbs.) and will propel the average rider to 30-40 MPH while consuming over 100 MPG of gasoline! Our bikes are built and tested before shipping and thus enable the new owner to just take off and ride! Check out our selection of bikes. Search our website for the available bikes that will be the right bike for you. We have both mountain bikes and Beach Cruisers! You can purchase a kit from us outright and install it yourself, or we can install it for you. Check out the kits and installation fees!◄
  6. Retro Classic CruiserRETRO CLASSIC CRUISER   This beach cruiser bicycle is available from Camping World. I do not know if it is their own brand or whether someone makes it for them or both. It is called the "Adventurer". It is a "UNI-SEX" frame. At the time of this listing price was: $133.33. Shipping add: $47.00.

    ►Classic style cruiser bike is ideal for either ladies or gents. Low profile frame design easily accommodates any rider. Chrome-plated steel rims with 26" tires for a smooth ride. Sturdy metal fenders protect against splashes. Coaster brake insures safe, reliable stops every time. Extra-wide, ergonomically-contoured comfort seat is 9 1/2"L x 8 1/2"W for miles of riding enjoyment. Easy seat height adjustment-no tools needed. Heavy-duty steel frame with corrosion-resistant powder coat finish. Catalog Item # 47579. Weight: 43 lbs. Mfg Part #: D09-1059. Tech Notes: Includes wrench for easy assembly.◄
  7. The Red Road Kandy Cruiser ROAD KANDY   This link here was sent to me by an online friend named "Seton Watson", the same man who brought all of us here the "Autum Minion" listing. Seton lives in the United Kingdom and is a contributor to this website whenever he runs across something that he feels is appropriate. Thanks again Seton. So anyway this listing here is for the very beautiful cruiser bike i guess called "Road Kandy". Problem is, this website features the bike in flash mode with a very large view spinning around, but there is no link or way to purchase this bike. However, there is a "Store" link which takes you to a page where you can use PayPal to purchase some handlebar grips. So, hopefully in the future the website owner will include some way to purchase this nice looking unique bicycle. There is no additional information on the website, no contact info or other links . . .
  8. Ritchey Moby Bite Tire RITCHEY MOBY BITE 2.1 TIRE   I have bought and used these tires. In my opinion they are a very good quality tire for the price. I recommend them for use on any beach cruiser type bicycle. Before buying these tires make sure there is enough space in between the rear "Chain & Seat stays" and front fork inside width to accommodate these larger than average tires.
    Some bike frames will not accept them. They look like slick tires and hold up well. In fact, they are called a "Sticky Slick" tire but keep off any slick surface or conditions like mud or ice because you will probably fall over very fast as i once did. These tires are great for clean dry concrete or pavement surfaces only. Dry hard pack dirt might be OK. Tire pressure range is 45 to 60 lbs as recommended by the manufacturer, but i have used even higher PSI with no problem. These tire are sold as 26in "Clincher" tires and contain a steel wire bead. The most common color is black but they used to be made in a cool gray color also. One size only: 26in X 53mm (26in x 2.1in). I have linked to Cambria Bicycle Outfitters as a source for these tires. There is a slight possibility that (Ritchey Design) has stopped making these tires and what people are selling now are the remaining inventory. I hope this is not the case.

    ►Wide, sticky slick for traction on rock and pavement. Side fins for traction in corners and off camber surfaces. Plush, fat casing for a smooth ride and maximum floatation on sand. This tire is a blast to cruise on. Wire bead. Black-Black. Size-26 x 2.1in 690g.◄
  9. Pacific Bikes Central Park PACIFIC BICYCLES   Pacific bicycles seems to be a company that supplies the big chain stores and other large volume sellers mostly. They are headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin. The bikes appear to be a low price and lower quality bicycle - what people call an "entry level bike". You can buy these at Target Stores, Sears, Wal*mart,, Toys"R"Us, eBay, etc. Picture on the right is of their "Pacific Central Park Men’s Cruiser Bike" (26-Inch Wheels) model. You can register your Pacific Bicycle at the link provided above.

    ►Pacific Cycle Inc., a division of Dorel Industries Inc., is a global leader in branded consumer products. Pacific Cycle designs, markets and distributes high quality bicycles and other recreational products around the world. Pacific Cycle’s products span a wide range of brands including Schwinn, Mongoose, InSTEP, Schwinn Motorsports, Kid Trax, Playsafe, Roadmaster, Pacific, Dyno, and Powerlite. In fact, Pacific Cycle sells more bicycles than any other company in North America and is one of the most prolific bicycle suppliers in the world. Pacific will continue to build its successful international business and strengthen its brands across the globe. US distribution channels include leading mass-market retailers such as Walmart, Target, Kmart and Toys "R" Us; sporting goods chains such as Dick’s and Academy Sports.◄
  10. Bazooka Orange Cruiser BAZOOKA   Picture on the right is of their folding Beach Cruiser bike the "Beach 3 Orange" model. This business specializes in folding bicycles. They have been in business for some time now. I remember when they first started. They are based in Canada, but have outlets in the US.

    ►Bazooka folding bikes are as versatile as you. Bazooka has engineered the riding performance of non-folding bicycles into the convenience and portability of its folding bikes. Compact, portable and lightweight, these folding bikes can go anywhere you go with no hassle or extra work. The Bazooka folding bikes are so compact in size that you can stash 2 of them in trunk of your car. We believe biking should become a part of everyday life. With high gas prices, traffic and pollution, we can all save money, time and our planet by riding bikes to work and school. With the Bazooka folding bikes you don't need to worry about space, bike racks or parking. They fold into a compact size in seconds; and with the Bazooka carry bags, it is even easier to take your bike anywhere, from the trunk of your car, to subways, buses, airplanes, boats and RVs. Their strong and sturdy patented frame mechanism makes them the ideal bicycle for boaters, apartment dwellers and travelers. No animals have been tested! Ride with style.◄
  11. small Raleigh Special RALEIGH BIKES   Raleigh sells a good selection of street bicycles. They have a good line of hybrid/cross bikes, cruisers, comfort bikes, road bikes and more. For 2009 they seem to have about a couple of adult cruiser bikes.

    ►Sun, waves, boardwalks, tees, shorts, sunglasses, and huge smiles. . . need we say more? Modern in style and design, yet classic in color and shape, a Raleigh cruiser is the perfect beach or boardwalk accessory. The sun is out - grab your bike and let the salty air fill your lungs and spirit. At Raleigh, bicycles are our passion and lifestyle.
    We design them, we build them, and we ride them. We race. We commute. We climb and descend mountain trails and passes. We strive for that perfect ride everyday. Our bicycles are the product of this passion. 2010 marks our fresh and most creative collection of bicycles to date. We have designed, developed, engineered, and tested our products to fit every individual riding style perfectly. “Real Bikes For Real People” is our motto and we approach the development of each bicycle with this as our goal. Our bikes offer a superb level of performance no matter what your riding style, local topography, or budget requires. From our award-winning carbon road bikes and the innovative Cadent FT Series to classic steel single speeds, beach cruisers, 29er mountain bikes, and our new touring and deluxe commuter models, our goal to provide something for everyone has been realized in our refreshed 2010 line. Bicycles are our passion and this is why we create. We invite you to share in this passion.◄
  12. Giant Simple 7 Cruiser Black GIANT BICYCLES   They do not seem to have a large selection of different models. But the ones they do have are pretty cool. The picture on the right is of the Simple 7 Cruiser. "Sit back, relax, and get there in style. Breezy retro looks combined with modern functional technology make these the choice for neighborhood cruising."
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    ►Across seven continents and fifty-odd countries, underneath thirty-two of the world’s brightest professional cyclists, in over ten thousand retail outlets, and throughout the streets of the world’s most populous nations, you'll find bicycles designed and built by Giant, "The Global Bicycle Company". For nearly three decades,
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    Giant has devoted itself to the growth of both cycling and cycling culture. Giant has actively participated in the development of cycling, from that of simple transportation to its current popularity as a recreational and sport activity. Giant believes the bicycle brings quality to life, and it takes personal responsibility for improving the cycling experience. The ability to bring new and healthier lifestyles to customers around the globe makes Giant proud. The Giant name is synonymous with technological innovation and the state-of-the-art throughout the global bicycle industry. It represents a dedication to proving the best quality and most innovative bicycles to its customers. Behind the Giant name is a unique Global Giant, Local Touch and Total Best Value approach in designing, manufacturing and selling bicycles, and a commitment to not only recreational and competitive cycling, but also the bicycle industry and the environment. Not Satisfied with being the world’s most widely known bicycle brand, Giant is in constant pursuit of its vision of becoming "The Best Bicycle Company in the World".◄
  13. John Deere Beach Cruiser NIRVE   Nirve is located in Huntington beach, California. This is their wholesale site. You cannot purchase directly from here. You must buy from a Nirve dealer.

    "Nirve Sports, Ltd. is a leading designer of collectible lifestyle cruiser and chopper bicycles, components, and accessories. The Company’s brands include Nirve®, Voxom and Deviate Industries distributed worldwide. Our collaboration partners include Paul Frank, John Deere, Hello Kitty, Pink Panther, Mooneyes, Barris Kustoms, Drew Brophy, and Robert August Surfboards. For more information, please call us toll free at 1.888.BY.NIRVE or locally at 714.593.8301."
  14. XYZ Beach Cruiser XYZ BIKES   I like this bike a lot. It looks to be well made. I think they only have a men’s and women’s model of this style.

    ►Beach cruiser bikes are a comfortable and durable bike that were at a peak of popularity in the 1950s and 60s and have become popular again in recent years. They are known for their durability, heavy duty frames and thick balloon tires. Beach cruisers have large comfortable seats and low handlebars.
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    They are usually one-speed, and use a coaster brake. Today, beach cruiser bikes are shipped all over the United States, and can be assembled in less than an hour with a small amount of equipment. All you need is a tire pump, screwdriver, Allen wrench, scissors, a 5/8 inch wrench and a 14 mm wrench. Cruisers are uncomplicated, appealing to those who have had enough of multi-geared bikes and technology all over the place. That's why they are so comfortable, including their wide seats. Sitting upright, riders can relax and enjoy the scenery instead of bending forward uncomfortably. Models with ten-coat paint jobs and wide fenders are especially treasured. For baby boomers in particular, the new cruisers are the bikes they dreamed of when they were young. We ship beach cruisers anywhere in the USA. You can use our shopping cart to get an exact quote for shipping. We use FedEx Ground. Shopping cart will give you exact shipping charge before you checkout.◄
  15. Hunter Singlespeed HUNTER CYCLES   Beautiful bikes. I moved this company over to beach bikes because they have a model which is closer to being in the beach cruiser category. If you are interested in maybe buying one of their beautiful bikes as a beach cruiser or setup as a beach cruiser then ask them - they might be able to accommodate you.

    ►Welcome to Hunter Cycles. We're a custom bike shop in Watsonville, California. We make fillet brazed frames in the classic style. We build to order and can make anything you want, as long as what you want is made of steel and made for riding, MTBs, 29ers, cross bikes, road bikes, track bikes, forks and stems, and even unicycles are among the goods we produce. All our frames and components are handmade of fillet brazed steel right here in Watsonville. Head tubes and bottom brackets are machined in our shop to save weight. Hunter frames feature a completely sealed tube set for corrosion protection.◄
  16. Polaris IQ POLARIS IQ CRUISER   Company located in Ames, Iowa. You can order these bikes off their website.

    "Feature packed entry-level beach cruiser. Single speed coaster brake cruiser with exclusive double tube cantilever frame. Rust-less stainless steel spokes, white-wall tires with front and rear fenders, alloy seat pin and alloy pedals - mens and women’s style frames."

    Cruiser tech highlights:
    • Size 19 in.
    • Frame Steel, cruiser frame.
    • White wall cruiser tires, 26in x 2.125in.
    • Handlebars Steel, cruiser, 670 mm.
    • Color Midnight blue/ash.
    • Crank One piece, 44 T.
    • Single speed drivetrain, chrome fenders.

  17. SixThreeZero In The Barrel BEACHBIKES.NET   Specializing in Beach Cruiser bicycles. They are based in Hermosa Beach, California. They sell the following cruiser types: kids' cruisers, beach cruisers, basic cruisers, multi-speed cruisers, stretch cruisers, mens' & womens' cruisers, electra accessories, plus other related items.

    "Largest seller of beach cruisers nationwide. sells well made stylish beach cruiser bicycles at prices that are affordable. We ship anywhere in the continental United States. is also the exclusive retailer of sixthreezero cruisers, the newest and hottest beach cruiser manufacturer. We carry all of the best beach cruiser brands available, Electra, Nirve, Schwinn, Felt, SixThreeZero, Hampton Cruisers, Sun, Firmstrong, Micargi, and Greenline."
  18. Phat Cycles PHAT CYCLES   This is a Southern California company with a separate section entitled "Phundamental Series" for Beach Cruisers.

    "Can you compete? Self-respect demands that you draw at least a few eyes your way as you cruise to the coffee shop, soak in the sun or check out the sights around town. So the time is now to get yourself a Phat Cycles "Phundamental Beach Cruiser". You'll get an alloy frame with generously swooping neo-retro lines, a super bouncy coil-spring-cushioned seat, one, three or six speeds (maybe a little high-tech for a cruiser, but hey, there may be hills in your 'burg), flat pedals, protective fenders and a chain guard, and rear lights for visibility on your way home from the local watering hole. The wide bar elegantly widens your turning radius, letting you look cool and unhurried even when you're going fast, and the plump tires bounce over pavement cracks with ease. It’s a fun, stylish ride, sure to grab the attention you deserve. And despite this Phat Cycles burly appearance, it’s relatively lightweight as far as cruisers go."

    Cruiser tech highlights:
    • 14ga Stainless Steel Spokes.
    • Shock-absorbing high-volume balloon tires.
    • Soft, comfortable saddles and grips.
    • Swoopy handlebars.

  19. Retrotec Cruiser INGLIS CYCLES   It appears that most of his bikes are built for off-road racing, but maybe a person could put some ballon tires and a more comfortable seat on one of these bikes to make a very neat beach cruiser bike.

    ►Quality bicycles hand made in Napa Valley California. Inglis frames have traditional straight tubes while Retrotec frames have curved tubes. Retrotec is the original brainchild of Bob Seals. Bob wanted a cruiser that he could ride and race. After being turned away by everyone he asked to build such a bike, he started working on building it himself. I (Curtis Inglis) came on the scene in 1994 apprenticing under Bob for a few years. He really had an eye for beautiful things and it shows in the Classic frame design. After many years of only making the Classic, I started to branch out in all sorts of directions. First it was the Half for my girlfriend, then a twin top tube for a friend, added another tube to the twin for another friend and so on and so on. A lot of the bikes come from my living in Chico and San Francisco and seeing some really neat old bikes that really appealed to me. When I design something new, either for a friend, or myself we ride the thing to death before ever even thinking of making it a standard offering. I guess that’s how we have ended up with so many styles of the Retrotec. It keeps it interesting for me as a builder.◄
  20. Dynamic Bicycles Cruz 7 DYNAMIC BICYCLES   This is their Cruz 7 Comfort Chainless Cruiser model. They have a mens and womens model. These people specialize in "Chainless bicycles".

    ►The Cruz 7 is the ultimate in simplicity, comfort and style. With it’s upright riding position, wide, comfortable seat and simple-to-operate grip shifting, the Cruz is the perfect cruising bike. Now On Sale - Only $549.00! Built on a classically styled aluminum frame with 26in x 1.95in tires,
    the Cruz offers a feet forward riding position that creates a lower center of gravity, giving it a very stable feel and making it easier to reach the ground while sitting on the seat. The Cruz also makes it easy to shift gears with Shimano’s Inter-7 gearing and simple-to-operate rapid fire shifter. Just a quick press with your thumb moves you easily through the gears to deliver a smooth, enjoyable ride, every time. The Cruz’s 7-speeds offer a nice, wide gear range for cruising along bike paths, boardwalks or suburban streets and sidewalks. Plus, with the Street Shaft Drive, you get a versatile gear range for cruising on moderate terrain. Best of all, with its fully enclosed shaft drive, there are no external moving parts, so you'll never have to worry about getting grease on your clothes or hands or getting something caught in the chain. In short, this bike is ideal for anyone who wants to enjoy all the benefits of biking, yet doesn't want the complexity, maintenance and greasy mess of a chain bike. Whether you are just getting back into riding, or want a bike with style to accompany it’s performance, the Cruz will help you fall in love with bicycling all over again.◄
  21. American Flyer Bicycle AMERICAN FLYER BICYCLE   This is a relatively new California company featuring beach cruiser type bicycles. They now sell "Stretch Cruisers", Beach Cruiser Bikes & one Hybrid/Cross bike. Yeah, they have some cool beach cruisers, not a lot of stuff, but some things you will like.

    ►Like the bicycles of an era gone by, American Flyer Bicycle Company has become an American Classic. We recognize the roots of our company while keeping up with and setting the latest trends. Our goal at American Flyer Bicycle Company is to provide you with the best riding experience at a price that will make the shopping experience as pleasant as the ride. Our focus is on the cruiser and comfort bike market and, like the bicycles of the 1950’s, comfort and style are the main ingredients. American Flyer Bicycles have become an American classic over the years. Young and young at heart have set off on countless adventures experiencing the freedom that riding an icon of Americana will bring. We are family owned and operated unlike some pre World War II brands that became household names that are now owned by huge corporations. At American Flyer Bicycle Company we don’t just push the paper that keeps a bicycle company operating, we also push the pedals enjoying the fruits of our labor. From the office to the warehouse, we ride and are passionate about giving you the ride of your life.◄
  22. 1903 Felt CruiserFELT BICYCLES   Felt really has some "Cool" looking Cruiser Bikes. They are located in Southern California and in Europe. Their line includes: ONE-SPEED Cruisers, THREE-SPEED Cruisers, SEVEN-SPEED Cruisers, MENS Cruisers, WOMENS Cruisers, BOYS Cruisers, GIRLS Cruisers. Very beautiful bikes. Plus they sell what they call a "Canvas Cruiser Frame Kit" for those of you who would like to build your own cruiser from scratch.
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    This is their wholesale site. You have to buy from one of their dealers. Picture on the right is of their 1903 model which i believe is sold through their dealers.

    ►At Felt, we believe today’s Cruiser customers are not just looking for comfort and simplicity—they are looking for quality, innovation, durability and, above all, differentiation and style. They are looking at design details like never before. We know that most Cruiser owners want a bike that makes a statement - one that reflects their individual personality, their background, their style and their standards for quality and excellence. For years, Felt has offered some of the most unique design themes along with the highest quality frames and components in the bicycle world. And for 2010 Felt presents the most exciting cruiser lineup in our history. Beyond the frames and components themselves, Felt has gone the extra mile on the production line, ensuring higher build quality and more attention to detail than ever. With superior craftsmanship and materials, cleaner welds, richer paint, and a higher level of polish and chrome plating, we believe you'll find the Felt Cruiser line delivers it all with peerless style.◄
  23. HawkclassicHAWK CLASSIC BIKES   I possibly mistakenly had this bicycle line included with the "City Bike" category on my website "", but people selling this bicycle refer to it as a "Cruiser" bike. If the pictures are true - it is a very beautiful cruiser bike. Made in Germany and not to many dealers in the US. However, there is an eBay seller in the United Kingdom mezorex who will probably ship to those buyers located in the US.

    ►Hawk classic bikes are designed to revive the motorbikes of the twenties and thirties. They combine the aesthetics of a distinct, dynamic frame and the passion for detail of modern technologies.◄

  24. Marin Drakes BeachMARIN BIKES  Surprise! They have a couple of models of very nice looking beach cruisers. Picture on the right is of their "Drakes Beach". Go To: "Path" Tab > Cruiser.

    ►Marin Bikes was established in 1986 in San Anselmo, California and celebrates its 24th anniversary this year. Its offices lie in the shadow of Mt. Tamalpais, commonly referred to as the birthplace of mountain biking and still at the heart of the sport.
    Cool Amazon Search
    On advice from his doctor, founder Robert Buckley rode a mountain bike to help heal a nagging knee injury and quickly became passionate about the sport. He founded Marin Mountain Bikes upon this passion and remains dedicated to the pursuit of the ultimate cycling experience. After 24 years Buckley remains at the helm of Marin, directing daily operations and is the creative drive behind the brand. The first model to roll off the line was the Madrone Trail. Buckley teamed up with local Marin County bicycle enthusiasts to design the bike and realized quickly that he was in the process of changing his life and the lives of many around him. Providing bicycles with introductory price points along with performance hand-built racing hardtails, Buckley and Marin Bikes toured the West Coast and the Rocky Mountains promoting and selling Marin Mountain Bikes. According to Buckley, "After more than 20 years of business, we haven't lost sight of our core values. I am committed to building a bicycle that is light-weight, durable and designed to give riders the highest quality ride for years to come. I'm proud of what this company has become." Since its founding, Marin has built its strong reputation upon a number of technological advancements including: City and Urban Bikes, clearly leading the industry and setting the standards for performance and design.◄
  25. Haro BikesHARO BIKES  Haro now has some nice looking cruiser bikes and priced very reasonably. It looks like they use the same frame for several different models but still look very good. The picture on the right is of their Cooper Model, possibly their latest model. Cool looking bikes.

    ►Whether you cruise your local boardwalk at the beach, ride to school, pedal the bike path, or zip around your neighborhood, nothing makes you feel more like a kid again than riding a beach cruiser. Our Zimzala and Tradewind cruisers are fun, fresh, comfy, and packed with personality. With bold paint, custom-made seat and grips, and colorful anodized parts, each cruiser is as unique as you are. Come on, put on some shorts and flip flops. It’s time to have some fun and take a little two-wheeled time out.◄

    Cruiser tech highlights:
    • Stylish, rust-resistant and gimmick-free frame designs.
    • Shock-absorbing high-volume balloon tires.
    • Soft, comfortable saddles and grips.
    • Swoopy handlebars.

  26. Sun Full Custom Orange Cruiser SUN BICYCLES   Sun has a large inventory of beach cruiser bikes. They are based in Miami, Florida. About 9 different classes of cruiser bikes each class containing from one to four different styles. The picture on the right is of their Sun Full Custom Orange Cruiser.

    ►If the Custom Cruiser Original sounds great to you but want to shed a bit of weight through liberal use of aluminum then the Full Custom Alloy will fit the bill. By utilizing 7005 series aluminum and a custom hydro formed top tube a unique retro alloy look is achieved while still conforming to the long wheelbase and relaxed geometry established with the Custom Cruiser. You'll also find the same custom designed Sun ultra comfort web spring saddle, full coverage color matched and flared fenders, classic rubber pedals, and moto style grips. Lastly we added a three-piece alloy crank and custom chain wheel to finish out the retro looks of this cruiser. At Sun Bicycles, it’s ALL about the bike. In fact, bikes are all we do here - all day, every day. Our designers are on top of the latest technologies, materials and styles. When one of our bicycles rolls from the design board to the showroom floor, we know it is the best bike for the money. At Sun Bicycles, we search the globe far and wide for the best value in aluminum, steel, paint and components and bring them together in our Miami design offices. There, our bicycle designers put forth innovative ideas from which prototypes are made. Each aspect of each model is closely scrutinized and fixed in the redesign phase. Then it’s off to the factory for production. When a Sun bicycles exits the factory doors, it’s a bicycle we are proud of, one we'd want to ride ourselves. From the stalwart Atlas line that takes on industrial jobs like a workhorse, to the Sun Custom Cruiser that sets the standard for strip-cruising cool. Sun bikes are tried and true for a good reason: since 1972, Sun Bicycles has always been and always will be about the bike - all day, every day.◄
  27. Worksman Base Cruiser Blue WORKSMAN CYCLES   This is a truly unique site. The ultimate non-racer site. Industrial quality bicycles. Check out their "Design your own" Classic American Cruiser and the Atlantic Coast Cruiser Bicycle.

    "New York Magazine described the worksman Cruiser Bicycle as the "Hum-Vee" of bicycles. Simply put, the worksman line of cruiser bicycles is unlike any other brand and designed for people who like their products to be well made, rugged, unique, distinctive, tough, classic and made in the USA. Basically, we've taken our world famous Worksman Industrial Bicycle and made it available to the public with lots of added features and appearance choices. There are literally hundreds of bicycle configurations to choose from!"
  28. My Retro Cruiser OrangeRETRO CRUISER BICYCLES  These bikes are "Not made in a factory - RCB are hand built and painted in the USA". Nice looking unique cruiser bikes. And very reasonably priced too. Picture on the right is of my custom Retro Cruiser i bought from this business.

    ►Retro Cruiser Bicycles offers 26in and 20in cruiser/beach cruiser bikes for men, women and children. We offer different style handlebars and seats to meet your particular tastes. We sell many 26in banana School Suppliesseat cruisers that are comfortable for adults. RCB offers custom builds for people that want their bikes built with their own style components. We take the time and seek out only quality parts to install on our bikes. Our bikes appeal to people that have a keen eye for style and favor our attention to detail. What really makes our bikes stand out from other cruisers is the Colors and paint finish. RCB have a tough durable finish that is very glossy and has a lot of depth. Like our riders RCB cruiser bicycles have a identity and style of their own. Our Bikes are hand built and finished. We offer all of this at competitive pricing. Customers buy our bikes because they know for the same price of a store bought bicycle, that anyone else can buy, they can ride something special. RCB bicycles get many compliments from around the world. Thanks for looking. Support rider owned companies.◄
  29. Rio Vista Beach CruiserNORCO   Norco is a Canadian company with a lot of US based distributors. They have several beach cruiser bikes in their inventory. The "Rio Vista" shown in the picture on the right (a singlespeed) and the "Santiago" a multi-speed beach cruiser not shown here. They have a very good website with a great dealer search feature; so you should be able to find someone near you selling this bike brand.

    ►The Norco Cruiser line is perfect for HEADING to the beach or park with friends. Classic designs, full fenders and wide SWEPT bars will let you travel in comfort and in style wherever you may go. Grab your board and pedal down to the surf on your Norco Cruiser. Built using a traditional cruiser style frame and fork. Simple single speed cruising with a reliable coaster brake. Laid back cruiser bars with a custom comfort saddle and ballon style tires◄
  30. Beach Cruiser named Ride II ELLSWORTH HANDCRAFTED BICYCLES   This particular model i guess could be considered their "Beach Cruiser Bicycle". It is called the "Ride II". It is their lowest priced non-racing type bike as far as i can tell. At their website click on "Bikes" then click on "Rides" then "Ride II". Click on the picture at the right to view a larger more detailed picture of this bike.

    ►The Ride Debut comes in NuVinci Transmission and Shimano Nexus 3 Speed. It captures the technological essence of Ellsworth’s legendary handling, efficiency, and balance. All of this in a stylish package that can be ridden with flip flops at the beach or in a suit on your way to work. Single frame size with Expanding Universe Geometry which allows your feet to be firmly planted on the ground without ever leaving the saddle. You will experience the efficiency of full leg extension and the ability to stand and deliver all your power to the pedals when you want it. Ah, stop reading about it, and enjoy the RIDE — you know you want to! Visit: for more pictures, video and information.◄

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