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  1. Bauer Bikes Cruiser BAUER BIKES   I have seen this bike shown in the picture at the right. It is nicely made in my opinion. But, i think you can only buy these bikes in the New Zealand and Australia areas. They have a men's and women's model, the men's model is called "Mars" and the women's model is called "Jupiter". The racks on these bikes are sturdy and well designed. At this writing they also sell a "Big Wheel Cruiser" similar to the Coker big wheel cruiser bike.

    ►Kids BMX, Road & Mountain Bike Specialists. If you love riding as much as we do, then you probably feel you can never spend enough time on the bike. And while, sadly, we can't give you more time to ride, what we can do is this: We can help make sure that every precious minute you're on the bike is the best that it can be. That's our mission. To enhance your cycling experience through the optimum fit, performance, and function of your bike. Because life's too short to compromise on the things that really matter.◄

  2. Lilly Pulitzer Printed Cruiser LILLY PULITZER PRINTED CRUISER   I guess this bicycle is made by Van Dessel for ladies only, no men's model. It has the following features: A Lilly Pulitzer accessory that'll really move you. With flip-flop-friendly pedals, a step-through frame that flatters your favorite skirt, and casual, curvy cruiser lines, this is the bike for summer days. At beaches, around town, along boardwalks, to farmer's markets, to wherever your stylish life takes you, travel in graceful comfort and Lilly Pulitzer style. Van Dessel cruiser frame styled with Lilly Pulitzer floral graphics. Single speed, coaster brake and front handbrake. Double coil-spring comfort saddle with easy-adjust seat clamp. Lightweight aluminum wheels with 26in whitewall tires. Stitched on leather hand grips. Welded Steel Kickstand.

    ►Our printed cruiser is back! This is a Lilly Pulitzer accessory that'll really move you. With flip-flop-friendly pedals, a step-through frame that flatters your favorite skirt, and casual, curvy cruiser lines, this is the bike for blue sky days. At beaches, around town, along boardwalks, to farmer's markets, to wherever your stylish life takes you, travel in graceful comfort and Lilly Pulitzer style. All Printed Cruiser sales are final. No returns or exchanges. Expedited shipping is not available for this item. Please note that Printed Cruiser orders can take up to 2 weeks for delivery. Style #: 44569◄
  3. JC HigginsJOHN'S VINTAGE BIKES   Here's a cool find. For those of you interested in older Cruiser Bikes this sites for you. This bike shop is located in Colorado. Lots of pictures of old Cruiser Bicycles. You can buy bikes and parts from him.

    ►Welcome to John's Vintage Bikes! John's Vintage Bikes, serving the Colorado counties of Boulder, Denver, Jefferson, Larimer and all counties in between with mobile sales, service, restoration, and delivery of vintage and antique bikes - and parts. Why not cruise Boulder and downtown Denver in style on one of my vintage cruisers? They have a uniqueness all their own. Simple Recipes If you really want a bike to impress, then might I suggest spec'ing out your own custom ride? Vintage Cruisers unequipped (stripped), modestly equipped, and fully equipped Deluxe cruisers from the 30's through the 50's await you at John's Vintage Bikes! Looking for a bike that hasn't been copied and reproduced yet? Then maybe you should take a look at some of my vintage 1950's and 60's Middleweight bikes. When the Jet Age really took off, so did the biking industry. There were Jet Fire, Jet pilot, and just about any combination of names with jet in them . . . These were streamlined, sleek bikes that looked faster than they actually were, but who cares - certainly not the kids that rode them - and neither should you! Then, in the mid to early 60's, came the Space Age. You had Spaceliners, Space Riders (no space cadets though!!!). These bikes were super streamlined with Buck Rogers style consoles and accessories. Some even had big flashing lights mounted on the rear racks, so they looked like landing lights. New and Vintage Bike Parts! Is it time to fix up that Old Beach Cruiser of yours? Need new Schwinn S6 or S5 tires for your Schwinn Breeze, Speedster, or Traveler? What about new rims for your Shelby or Columbia? Some chrome fenders for your Hawthorne or Roadmaster? In need of hard to find Schwinn S7 tires or whitewalls for that Schwinn Hornet, Panther, or Tiger that you bought at the Boulder Swap Meet? Or maybe you're looking for a basket, bell or replacement Sturmey Archer cables for that Raleigh Three-Speed Roadster? What about 26x1-3/8" EA3 tires for your vintage 3-speed Hercules? Are ya in the market for a deluxe cruiser saddle, Springer Fork, or fender light for that new Townie? Am I drivin' you nuts with all the questions? Then check out my online catalog of New cruiser parts and accessories. While you're at it, take a look at my vintage parts catalog. I have a lot more than what's shown because I'm always getting new stuff! If you don't see it - just ask! For those of you that are not within a reasonable distance of Boulder Colorado, I'll be happy to ship any vintage or antique bike to any of the 48 contiguous states. I proudly use FedEx ground and carefully package all of my bikes.◄
  4. Hornbeam Rower CruiserHORNBEAM BICYCLES   Here’s a new Cruiser Bicycle line fresh from the country of Poland. Nice unique design and is equipped with a 3 speed Shimano Nexus hub with brake, tires with white walls lend a unique atmosphere, wide handlebars, comfortable seat on springs, springer fork-type characteristic of another beach cruiser bike, reliable and well-known and proven design used in the US for over 60 years. Please note that this seat on springs, made of natural leather is included in the price of the bike. Picture on the right is of their Moonbeam Model Cruiser.

    ►The feel of freedom and interdependency has always fascinated us while riding a bicycle. Keeping this in mind we are building our models. We make fusion of history and new solutions in style, pleasure of riding and quality. For us bicycles are something more than just a means of transport.◄
  5. Dakota Men Single SpeedJOHNNY LOCO   This business sells: Cruisers, Cargo Cruisers, & e-Bikes. Real nice stuff. They are based in the Netherlands, but have a US distributor: Cycle Force Group, 2105 SE 5th St, Ames, Iowa 50010, Ph: (515) 232-0277. Also, these people remind me of something i have thought about lately and that is incorporated in their bikes and that is:
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    They include a front brake in addition to the rear coaster brake on their cruiser bikes. Coaster brakes get really hot when used as the sole braking source when going downhill, this front brake has got to help make braking safer and cooler for the coaster brake and really is probably something that should be included on all coaster brake equipped bicycles. Picture on the right is of their: ►Dakota Men 1sp — This original Classic Beach Cruiser for men has a 21in steel frame and is equipped with a coaster brake (Shimano). The beautiful wide handle bars, the wide tires and of course the cruiser saddle provide original American character, but otherwise the bike is fully European design, so high-quality paint, stainless steel parts, puncture protection tires for everyday use (Schwalbe) and of course a perfect riding position so you can enjoy cruising to the maximum. The bike is also equipped with a front hand brake (V-brake). The Dakota gets its name from the light gray paint combined with neon orange saddle and grips, the colors that some DC-3 aircraft (the Dakotas) wore while serving in WW2. An extra set of dark brown grips and saddle is standard included so that the neon touch may be replaced if so desired. And then it is a beautiful retro edition too.”

    ►Our collection is built up in such a way that there is a perfectly fitting bicycle for every type of usage. And besides we also want you to look astonishing along the way. Our colors are based on the latest trends; we even dare to say that we set this trend. Luckily other brands follow our color policy, which makes cities look less gloomy. But, if you really want to be up to date, make sure you get your hands on our latest model; although it might take a while growing accustomed to it, you will be followed in a year. That's for sure!◄
  6. Cruiser Phil's Heavy-Duty Beach Cruiser BicycleCRUISER PHIL   This is a little different listing here in that it is about using beach cruiser bicycles in a downhill riding experience on the island of Maui in Hawaii. Several companies including this one provide a bicycle riding experience different than most in that it is a one-way trip down the side of a volcano to sea level. Costs approximately $150.00 for about 2 hours of downhill riding after they haul you up in their van to the top or drop-off point. The bicycle tour is approximately 28 miles long. It starts at the 6500ft elevation and continues down to sea level. The total time spent on a bicycle is about 2 hours. Our bikes are all single speed "Cruiser" bikes built by Worksman Bicycle Company. They all have special drum brakes and extra wide comfortable seats. Since 99% of this trip is downhill, there is no need for a multi-speed bicycle. Bicycle specs:

    1. Wide comfortable saddle.
    2. Quick release seat adjustment.
    3. Hand activated front & rear brake levers.
    4. Heavy-duty motorcycle brake cables and housings.
    5. Front and rear drum brakes with genuine HONDATM brake shoes.
    6. Gears: Single-Speed, no shifting. 21T free wheel on rear. 44T front crank.
    7. Chain guard for protection.
    8. Steel rims for added weight & stability.
    9. White-wall tires 26X2.125 street tires for a classy, smooth, stable ride.
    10. Classic-style curved frame.
    11. Cruiser-style pedals.

    ►Take a Luxury VAN TOUR from the summit of Haleakala National Park then COAST 28 MILES from the 6500' elevation, down Haleakala Volcano descending to historic Paia at sea level. Enjoy fresh outdoor air, views to make your heart pound, and hairpin turns to make your heart race. Three tours Include hotel pickup and drop off, guided van tour of the summit of Haleakala with bike ride beginning outside of the National Park at the 6,500 foot elevation ending in Paia Town. We provide bicycle, helmet, gloves, wind suit, and winter jacket. Continental Breakfast provided at base yard prior to tour. No-host meal stop in either Kula or Paia Town at the discretion of the crew and/or group. Cruiser Phil's Volcano Riders proudly announces our new Structured Independent Bike Tour. Effective June 22nd, 2010, the structured ride will provide one guide who will oversee our guest's descend from start to finish. Cruiser Phil's Volcano Riders Maui County Bicycle Tour Business Permit #B200501.◄
  7. Basman Indian Red CruiserPROJECT 346   For those of you familiar with the old Indian motorcycle of many years ago in the US, you will probably love this beyond cool beach cruiser based on the old Indian motorcycle frame. These bikes are currently being sold throughout the world including the US. "Basman Project 346 is one of the most sought after modern beach cruiser frame designs of this decade . . . It has captured a glimpse of the past which has sparked a new generation of custom bike enthusiasts building their own interpretation of a modern classic."

    ►The 2010 collection will see some classic models like the Gloss Black and the Hotrod. New are the all Mat Black 107SL with gray whitewall tires and the Indian Red. All bikes have the Project 346 Balloon tire. The mat black frame kit is available in the regular basman frame and the new MEDIUM SPORT frame. The Medium Sport frame will also come as limited color frame kits, gloss soft pink, mat army green and evening blue. The 2010 frame has a disc brake tab and rear fork cable guides.◄
  8. Ed Wong's Huffy CranbrookYAHOO BEACH CRUISER GROUP   I should have put this link up a long time ago and just didn't think about it. This group is still active for those of you interested in participating in a Yahoo! discussion group specializing in the Beach Cruiser Bicycle. Click to join beachcruisersThe group seems kind of small now and perhaps has not been given the publicity they deserve. These groups are a great source of help and ideas, so if you are so inclined join this group - join even if you cannot make very much contribution.

    ►Welcome, Beach Cruiser Bicycle enthusiasts. Gather here, park your bike. If you have one, want one, or had one and want to talk about it, this is the place to be. Come on in and share information about Beach Cruisers and similar bicycles from people worldwide. Cool bikes inside!◄
  9. 25th Anniversary CruiserCOOK BROS RACING   To tell you the truth, i am putting this link up as a "Place Saver" for Cook Bros. Racing because they are back in business and want to grow again and i am hoping they will start building and selling a little more affordable Cruiser bike. But even if their new creations are not affordable for the average bike buyer this link will take you to their site which offers single-speed cruiser type parts for those interested in buying parts only. As i write this they have "Bonz" crank arms & sprockets available for purchase (Standard Square Taper). Update: Cook Bros. has put this information up: I'm So Sorry. Due to the CBR site constantly being hacked and my lack of spare time to police the RAT BASTARDS! I AM SHUTTING THE SITE DOWN! 360mobile Shipping Containers I will still try to be helpful to those of you that own Cook Bros. Racing products though. If you have a technical question or want to know the manufacture date of your frame, then feel free to email me here: cbr(at) !!!! I DO NOT HAVE ANY OLD PARTS, SO DON'T ASK IF I HAVE ANYTHING "JUST" LAYING AROUND THAT I'D BE WILLING TO SELL YOU!!!!

    ►First Off . . . I've got to express to you how stoked I am to be making bicycle components again. Now, let me explain to you what I've been doing over the last few years. When the "salad days" of American bicycle component makers were coming to an end in the mid 90’s, I started looking for work in the industrial design & product development industries. As the years progressed I saw more and more of my income coming from non-bicycle related design work. And That was just fine with me, seeing how the bicycle component industry had for the most part shifted towards quality low-cost Asian components and I refused to have my bike parts made overseas. Then came 9/11 and design business just STOPPED! So once again I looked towards bicycles, but this time as an art form . . . Thus, the 25th Anniversary Cruisers. I had wanted to revive the cruisers for some time, but knew that there was no way that I could cost effectively manufacture them. So rather than going for quantity . . . I went for quality! I'm sure that the lucky few people that had the opportunity to purchase one of the 25A cruisers will attest to their technical prowess, quality workmanship, and EXTREME cost (complete cruisers averaged $5k each). But even with the high price, the income from the cruisers was just a fraction that I could make doing industrial design work, not to mention the bikes were VERY time consuming . . . Making sure that each cruiser was a rideable piece of art.◄
  10. Men’s Black Softcruise BicycleSOFTCRUISE™ BIKE   Now when you look at the bike in the picture on the right - do you notice something missing? Look closely and you will see that the bike is missing what are called the "seat stays" which most bicycles have to provide support for the seat tube. This new Cruiser is designed for extra special comfort and eliminating the seat stays helps for a more flexible ride. These bicycles can be ordered online and shipped to your favorite address. And the price is quite reasonable also! Update: I purchased one of these bikes. After i have finished customizing it, i will put up a link to a picture of it.

    ►Rusty Spokes introduces Softcruise™ rear suspension bicycles, a trade marked line of bikes with patents pending. Rear suspension cushions the body where it does the most good, the back. Bicycles were originally called "bone shakers", and with good reason, the only shock absorbtion was the human body. Later, some manufacturers added front wheel suspension, which provided some relief. The Softcruise® incorporates a rear suspension, coupled with a patented unique chain mechanism that allows the suspension to be effective. The Men’s 26 inch, Lady’s 26 inch and Stretch cruisers are available with a choice of single speed, three speed, and seven speed internal hubs with grip shifts. All of the Softcruise™ bikes reduce the shock from bumps on the road.One test ride will convince you they are the smoothest riding cruiser ever made!Great for your back, in stock now!◄

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